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Room booking

The University of Bergen has introduced a new system for booking of seminar rooms. The new system is an integrated part of the university's new scheduling system which is called TP.

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Booking rooms using MS Outlook

Most meeting rooms can be booked in MS Outlook. The meeting room can be reserved as part of the meeting invitation. These rooms are not part of TP.

Booking rooms for events and conferences

If you are planning a large conference, seminar or event, please contact event support.

Note! The use of teaching facilities for your conference or event may have an impact on scheduled teaching. Scheduled teaching has priority access to teaching facilities. Any rescheduling or cancellation of scheduled teaching must be approved by the Division of Student Affairs.

Booking video conference rooms

Please see information from the IT Division.

Booking teaching rooms using Room booking in TP


After the main teaching scheduling is completed, all employees can book available teaching facilities for job meetings etc using the Room booking module in TP. The main teaching scheduling is normally completed by June 1 for the Autumn semester and December 1 for the Spring semester.

Please note that not all teaching facilities are available for booking, and that some rooms are only available to certain faculties/institutes/users.


After the main teaching scheduling is completed, all students can book certain, smaller teaching rooms for student activity using the Room booking module in TP.

The following limitations apply to student booking:

  • Only local rooms (home faculty)
  • Only 2 active bookings
  • Max. 4 hours per booking
  • Max. 10 days ahead


To ensure bookings run to time, please clear the room promptly and make sure to leave the room clean and tidy.

Room access

We recommend that you contact the Card Centre to ensure you have access to the building/room you have booked for the time you have booked it.


Furniture must not be removed from or added to the room. The number of chairs and tables should match the number listed on the room information card located in the teaching room.

AV equipment

Please remember to log off the computer and switch off the projector after use.


In the event of an emergency, the user of the room is responsible for evacuating the occupants, and should be familiar with general fire instructions and escape plans which are listed on the room information card.