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Parking at the University

All who use UiB parking space must have a valid parking permit. You can get your parking permit by registering in the UiB parking system and then downloading and registering in the Aimo Park Norway AS app. In order to park at a parking spot marked by a sign saying “reservert” you must have a special permit (whitelisting). Whenever you have obtained your parking permit, you may park at an UiB parking space and use the app to pay for the parking time.

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The UiB parking areas are subject to parking surveillance and enforcement 24-7.

In addition to having a valid UiB parking permit, you must activate and pay the parking fee in the Aimo Park Norway App each time you park at a UiB parking space. This applies to both the student/employee parking spots and to reserved spots. MC parking spots and HC-spots are exempt from the parking fee.

Video with instructions on how to pay (in Norwegian).

How to apply for parking permits for the open parking spots at UiB

Only students and employees with a valid student/employee-number can apply for a parking permit.

  1. Open the UiB parking system (note that the system is in Norwegian and does not have an English translation).
  2. Open “Søknad om parkeringstillatelse - Registrering for bruk av parkeringsapp fra Aimo Park”
  3. Read and agree to the terms for parking at UiB.
  4. Register your phone number in the parking system. Then register in the parking app Aimo Park Norway AS.
  5. Download the app “Aimo Park Norway AS”. (Note: this app is not available on phones using Windows operating system. If you own a windows phone or want to register via a web-browser, please use  https://qpark-permit.giantleap.no/#/parking/products/agreement).
    Also see the Aimo user manual made especially for UiB.
  6. Open the app and create a user profile. You must register your phone number and payment information. Update the profile with your user information.
  7. Register the parking permit in the app.
    - Choose “Andre produkter” (not “start parkering”).
    - Choose location “Bergen”.
    - Choose product “Bestill parkeringsavtale”.
    - Order the parking agreement “Universitet i Bergen. Ansatte og studenter”.
    - Choose between “Ansatt-parkering” (employee parking) or “Student-parkering” (student parking).
    - Enter your car’s licence plate number (up to 3 different cars can be registered at the same time).
    - Read and approve the parking terms.
    - Finish by pressing “Kjøp”. (Note: some phones does not show the "kjøp" button, if this happens you must register on this webpage.
    - Check the homepage in the app to make sure that the correct licence plates are registered.

If you are parking an unregistered car, you may be issued a parking ticket. This applies even if the parking fee is paid. If you acquire a new car, use a rental car, or borrow a car, you must ensure that the car is registered in the app before you park it at an UiB parking space. Also note that, while you may register up to 3 vehicles at the same time in the app, only one can make use of UiB parking spaces at the same time.

Do I have to update my parking permit?

You do not have to take any action to renew your parking permit as all UiB parking permits are automatically renewed each month.

The system checks if your phone number is still registered to an active UiB account, if not, the parking permit is removed automatically.

Note that Aimo Park occasionally sends out messages to their users asking them to renew their permits. UiB employees and student can safely ignore these.

Are you unsure whether you have a valid parking permit?

Employees and students must have a valid parking permit to make use of open parking spots at UiB. This includes spots for electric cars and handicap spots.

You can check the status of your parking permits in the parking app “Aimo Park Norway AS”. You will find a summary of valid parking permits, how long these will last, and the vehicle registration number connected to the permits at the App’s home screen.

Parking at specially reserved spots require a special parking permit (whitelisting), this is administered by the UiB unit that manages the spot.

Step by step guide on how to activate parking in the parking app.

Also see the PDF step by step guide (only in Norwegian).

  1. Open the Aimo Park Norway app.
  2. Make sure that you have an active employee or student parking permit (it says “aktiv avtale” when the app is opened).
  3. Choose Start parkering.
  4. Press Velg sone.
  5. Enter your preferred zone payment option in the search bar.
    - Sone 85912 (UiB ladetakst – krever UIB p-tillatelse) - this is parking for electric cars with battery charging. Note: you must be connected to the charging station during the entire parking period. The price is 10 NOK per hour with 60 NOK max per 24 hours.
    Sone 85911 (UiB takst – krever UIB p-tillatelse) - this is parking for all types of car on all types of spot except for spots with charging stations for electric cars. The price is 15 NOK per hour with 90 NOK max per 24 hours. 
  6. Press kjøretøy (vehicle).
    Remember to choose the correct vehicle if you have several different vehicles registered in the app.
  7. Choose either
    - Løpende parkeringstid
    The parking period will run until you use the app to end it. It will end automatically at 23:59, as an extra precaution, if you should happen to forget to end it manually.
    - Sett parkeringstid
    Here you can put how long you want to park. The period will be ended automatically when the time you set expirers. You can also prolong the parking period if needed
  8. Press Videre to start your parking period.
  • In the Årstadveien 19 garage vehicles that enter will be registered automatically by surveillance camera. Here you can choose to activate parking each time or order a parking subscription.
  • See the guide below on how to do this.

Prices from 01.06.2022

  • UiB price:
    10 NOK an hour – Maximum 60 NOK a day (00:00-23:59).
  • UiB charging price – For electric cars (you have to be connected to the charging point during the entire parking period).
    15 NOK an hour – Maximum 90 NOK a day (00:00-23:59).
    Hybrid cars may not make use of these parking spots.
  • HC-parking is free at UiB
    You must have a HC parking permit from the municipality in addition to your UiB parking permit to make use of these parking spots.
  • Motorcycle parking spots are free to use.

Tip: If you are moving your car from one part of campus to another, it may be better to let the parking period run rather than start a new one.
If you do start a new parking period, you may end up paying more than the 60/90 NOK per day payment limit. 

Note: This does not apply to the parking garage at Årstadveien 19. Here your registration number will be read automatically as you exit the garage, and the parking period will end. You will have to start a new parking period if you park at another UiB parking space – or enter the garage with your car again.

Reserved parking spots

There are only a few reserved parking spots at UiB. Units that have been granted reserved spots must ensure that any the cars that are to make use of them are whitelisted.

One must pay for reserved spots in the same way as for open spots.

Leasing garage space for 2023

The University has two parking garages that are available to lease for employees and students.

  • Dokkeveien garasjeanlegg (97 spots) – employees and students can apply.
  • The Haukeland area (95 spots) – employees and student can apply. The Parking spots are spread over three different parking garages that are all run by Helse Bergen – These are AHH tilfluktsrom (5 spots), Ulriksdalen parking garage (78 spots), Fløenbakken 56 parking garage (12 spots).

Extra information regarding the parking garages run by Helse Bergen (in Norwegian).

Note that the height of the Fløenbakken garage is only 185 cm. If you have a tall car or a a car with a ski-box it may not fit in the garage.

Applying for a garage spot

If you want to lease space in one of the garages you must apply through our electronic application form (the form is in Norwegian).

The first deadline for applying for 2023 the 30.11.2022. Any applications that are received after that date will be considered if there are space left in the relevant garage. In the ordinary application period students and employees with children in kindergarten or 1st grade will be prioritized (this must be documented). Following the deadline, parking space will be assigned on a first come first served basis if space is available.

Emeriti may apply only after the deadline has passed and will be assigned a parking space if one is available.

The price to lease space in a UiB parking garage is 8000 NOK per year. Payment is due twice a year (4000 NOK each time), in December and June, and the first instalment must be paid before the leasing period begins.

The leasing period runs from 01.01.23 to 31.12.23.

It is not possible to apply for a shorter leasing period in the ordinary application round.

You may only cancel the lease every half year. The deadline for cancelling the lease is June 1st.

If you are assigned a spot after the ordinary application, but in the period 01.01 – 30.06, you will be charged for the full year. If you only lease a spot from 01.07 – 31.12, you only have to pay for half a year.

How to activate parking at Årstadveien 19

NOTE: when you park at Årstadveien 19, you must make sure to use sone 8591_6 if you use manual parking registration. We advice you to use an automatic payment subscription. See guide below on how to obtain a subscription.

The garage at Årstadveien 19 is equipped with a camera system that automatically registers your licence plate.

You may choose between an automatic payment subscription or starting your parking time in the app as you would normally do at other UiB parking spaces.

Note: you must be registered to the UiB parking system and have a running agreement in the Aimo Park Norway app, in the same way as at the other parking spaces at UiB.

Without an automatic payment subscription:

  • When you enter the garage with your car you must manually start the parking period. Whenever your car leaves the garage, the parking period will automatically end, and you will be charged for the time spent parked at the garage.
  • Or you can enter the garage and park. You will then have to pay at the payment machine when you exit.
  • Or you enter and exit without registering or paying. You can then pay in the app or on the Aimo Park website within 48 hours.
  • Or you can enter and exit without paying, start the parking period in the app, or pay from home within 48 hours. In which case you will be billed through the mail. This will incur an extra fee.

With an automatic payment subscription:

  • The parking period will start and stop automatically whenever you enter and exit the garage, and the parking fee will be paid automatically.

Please note that when you exit with your car that automatically ends the parking period. It is therefore not possible to enter and exit the garage several times a day and still only pay one time. If you plan to leave and re-park several times at Årstadveien 19 during a single day, you should use the parking spots outside.

How to get an automatic payment subscription:

  1. Start at the “home page” in the Aimo Park app. Press the button named “Aimo Park Easy”. It is located at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Press “videre”.
  3. Enter at least one licence plate number plus the starting date for the parking subscription.
  4. Press “bestill avtale”.
  5. Accept the terms of use.
  6. You are now done and ready to park.

Note: When you order an automatic parking subscription, the app will charge you 1 NOK. This is to ensure that you have registered a valid credit or debit card. The automatic parking subscription is valid for one year and will not be automatically renewed.

Information about parking at UiB

On September 28th, 2019, the University Board decided to change the parking system at UiB as part of a broader strategy for combating climate change. This included the introduction of paid parking, removal of most reserved parking spots, and a reduction in the number of parking space overall.

All employees and students that wants to make use of UiB parking spots must first have an electronic parking permit in the Aimo Park Norway AS app. For parking at the remaining reserved parking spots a special dispensation (whitelisting) is needed. In addition, all parking periods must be registered in the app each time. This includes parking at reserved spots.

For leasing a garage spot at Dokkeveien and Haukelandsområdet, see the terms above.

Parking terms

When you apply for an employee/student electronic parking permit at UiB, you also agree the UiB parking terms.  

The parking facilities at UiB is very limited, and employees and students should make their own arrangements if they find that UiB’s facilities are full.

Leaving your car parked overnight is not allowed at UiB parking spaces, and the UiB parking spaces are subject to parking control 24-7. This means that students and employees that live close to campus are not to make use of UiB parking spaces beyond normal working and study hours. Any individual needs for full time parking must be met in other ways.

UiB Parking Terms

UiB parking is based on a first come first served parking strategy.

The parking spaces are available to employees and student in the time they spend working or studying at campus. UiB parking space is not available for overnight parking. Whenever ordinary working hours are done for the day, the parking space should be empty, allowing them to fill up on a first come first served basis the following day.

Illegal parking may, without warning, result in parking tickets or the car being impounded. Any car removal following illegal parking at UiB parking space is done at the risk and cost of the owner of the car. This includes cars that are parked overnight. Impounded cars will be returned as soon as the parking ticket and impound fee is paid.

When applying for a parking permit at UiB the applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The permit covers daytime parking at UiB parking space that are available for all students and employees. Parking at reserved spots require a special permit.
  2. Parking is to be conducted following the Universty’s rules and terms for parking, and in accordance with signs and markings at the parking lot.
  3. Parking at UiB parking space must be done in accordance with Norwegian traffic regulations.
  4. The University of Bergen is not responsible for theft or damage done to the vehicle while it is parked at a UiB parking spot. This includes theft or damage to any items stored in the car.
  5. A parking agreement must be made through the Aimo Park parking app. The parking permit is electronic and connected to the licence plate number of the relevant car. You are personally responsible for making sure that the correct licence plate number is registered in the parking app.
  6. The parking permit only applies in the given permit period. The permit only applies as long as the holder of the permit is a student or employee at UiB.
  7. Parking that breaks with these terms, parking signs or parking space markings may, without any warning, lead to the issuing of parking tickets and/or the impounding of the vehicle at the owner’s risk and expense.
  8. Serious or repeated violations of the parking terms can result in the cancellation of the parking permit.

Also see the terms for the Aimo Park Norway app (in Norwegian).

Who can park?

At every UiB parking area there are signs informing about the terms that applies to that particular parking area. Anyone who makes use of the parking facilities must familiarize themselves with these terms.

Types of UiB parking spaces

  • Parking for employees and students (“open parking spots”) – electronic parking permit plus payment is needed.
    Employees and students with a valid UiB parking permit may park at spots that are not marked as reserved.
  • Electric cars / charging stations for electric cars (electric car spots) – electronic parking permit plus payment is needed.
    Employees and students that uses an electric car and have a valid electronic parking permit for “open parking spots”, may park at spots with a charging station. Be advised that you may only make use of these parking spots as long as you are actively charging your car at the charging station.
  • Handicap parking (HC-spots) – electronic parking permit plus a HC-permit from the City of Bergen.
    Employees and students with a valid permit for “open parking spots” may park at HC-spots if they also have HC-permit from the City of Bergen. There is no parking fee for HC-spots.
  • Motorcycle parking (MC-parking).
    Employees and students with a valid permit for “open spots” may park their motorcycles at parking spots marked for MC-parking. Motorcycles must be placed in marked MC-spots. Do not park your motorcycles anywhere else on campus.
  • Parking for service cars – a special parking permit (whitelisting) is needed.
    There are several parking spots spread around campus that are reserved for service cars. Only service cars marked with the UiB logo, or the Norwegian Coat of Arms may make use of these spots. These cars are whitelisted by the Estate and Facilities Management Division (EIA). Private cars may not use these parking spots, when used as service cars.
  • Patient parking – payment or registration on iPad is needed.
    There are several reserved parking spots for patients at Odontologisk Universitetsklinikk and Alrek Helseklynge at garage at Årstadveien 19, and for participants in surveys at the Research Unit for Health Surveys (FHI) at Årstadveien 21.
    Reserved parking can only be used during the treatment or survey.
    At Årstadveien 19 your licence plate number will be automatically registered by camera, and the parking fee will be automatically registered to the car. The patient can choose to pay at the payment kiosk in the garage, by using the Aimo Park app, or receive a bill in the mail.
    Employees and students that park within the parking barrier on level 2 in Årstadveien 19 must have a valid electronic parking permit and use the Aimo Park app to pay.
    At Årstadveien 21 the patients must register their car in a parking kiosk (iPad) at the patient reception.
  • Parking for contractors and service firms – a special parking permit (whitelisting) is needed.
    There are a few reserved spots that firms hired by UiB can use if they have a special permit. The Estate and Property Management Divisions’ Operations Areas can register electronic parking permits (whitelisting) for these parking spots.
  • Visitor parking
    Beside patient parking and parking for service firms, there are no parking space set aside for visitors to UiB. External visitors are kindly asked to make use of public parking space.
    The one exception to this rule is at Kalfarveien 31, where 5 spots have been set aside for visitors. Visitors must register at the iPad-kiosk.

Reserved parking space for UiB units – a special parking permit (whitelisting) is needed + payment.
A few parking spots at UiB are reserved for use by the UiB units (faculties, departments, administration etc.). These may only be used if the vehicle in question has an electronic parking permit (whitelisting) from the unit the spot has been reserved for. The unit whitelists the vehicle’s licence plate number for the period the vehicle is to have access to the spot. It is not enough that the employee has an ordinary UiB parking permit. You must pay as normal to use the reserved parking spots.      

Where to find UiB parking space


Free spaces

Electric car




Dokkeveien 10, roof






Vinjesgt. alongside Sydnesh. school






M. Lagabøtesplass






Rosenberggt. 35






Villav. 10 (closed untill autunm 2022) - 10 charging spaces






Parkveien 9






Jahnebakken 3  2  

Allgt. 70/Allgt. 60 (currently closed due to work until May-22)






Allgt. 55 






Nina Griegsgt. 2, Nygård School












Jonas Liesvei 91 BB-building at the driveway in front of the main entrance  1  
Haukelandsbakken 27, Vivariet  2  
Haukelandsveien 28, AHH27    
Årstadveien 17, Alrek helseklynge  3  

Årstadveien 19, Odontologibygget main entrance, U1, U2






Årstadveien 21, Overlege Danielsssens hus






Kalfarveien 31






Møllendalsveien, KMD






Complaining about a parking charge notice
UiB has a framework agreement with the parking company Aimo Park regarding the enforcement of parking spaces at the University.

Complaints about parking charge notices must be submitted in writing to Aimo Park via an electronic form:

Information about parking enforcement