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Parking at the University

Anyone who parks in the University’s parking spaces must have a valid digital parking permit. Students and employees can get their UiB parking permit in the AimoPark Norway app. Parking on reserved spots require a special digital parking permit (white-listing). Parking inspections of the University’s parking spaces take place 24/7.

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From 01.04.2022 all reserved spaces for units are removed. Paid parking will be introduced at UiB from 01.06.2022.

Electronic parking permits for open spots are automatically extended untill 01.06.2022 in the parking app. Valid period for your parking permit can be found on the home-page of the AimpPark Norway app. 
Units with reserved spots for their service cars is responsible for hvit-listing their cars' licence number.

Information about the parking scheme at UiB

On 28 November 2019, the University Board decided to change the parking scheme at UiB as part of the Climate Issue. This includes paid parking, removal of unit-reserved spaces and reducing the number of parking spaces.
Paid parking will be introduced on the 01.06.2022, and reserved spots was removed on 01.04.2022

All employee/students who wish to park at UiB parking spots must have an electronic parking permit. A second electronic permit (whitelist) is needed for employees that make use of reserved parking spots (these spots will become free spots on 01.04.2022).

To rent a garage space in Dokkeveien and the Haukeland area see information at the bottom of the page.

Parking terms and conditions

The parking spaces at the University are based on a first come, first served basis. The parking spaces should be used in connection with the periods that employees and students are working and studying at the University. At the start of ordinary study/working days the spaces will be empty and then fill up on a first come, first served basis.

Overnight parking is not allowed and there is parking enforcement 24/7. This means that employees and students who live in the area are not allowed to use the University parking spaces for parking that exceeds the usual working or studying day. Such needs must be resolved in other ways, for example via Bergen Municipality's scheme for zone parking.

The availability of parking at the University is very limited. If there are no spaces available then it is up to the driver to find other parking solutions at other locations.

Parking fee

  • The parking fee for an ordinary parking spot at UiB is 10 kroner an hour and maximum 60 kroner a day.
  • For electric cars making use of the charging facilities the fee is 15 kroner an hour and maximum 90 kroner a day.
  • There is no parking fee for the UiB handicap parking spots, but you will need a handicap parking permit from the Bergen municipality in addition to your regular UiB parking permit. 
  • There is no parking fee for motorcycles parked at specifically marked MC-parking spots.

Application for parking permits

Only employees and students with a valid employee number/student identity number can apply for a parking permit. The car registration number is recorded in the parking app so that it is allocated a digital parking permit and is identified by parking control.

If an unregistered car uses one of UiB’s parking spaces then a parking charge notice can be issued. It must therefore also be borne in mind that if, for example, you use different cars, have a rental car or have purchased a new car, you must make sure you obtain an electronic parking permit for a new registration number before parking. You can manage which car (registration number) you have a parking permit for in the parking app

Anyone using multiple registration numbers must be aware that you can only park one registered vehicle at a time.

It is only possible to order one parking product - there is a parking permit for free spaces for staff/students including electric car spaces and disabled spaces with duration from the order date until 31.05.22.

  1. Open parking system at UiB
  2. Go to “Parking Permit Application - Registration for use of the Aimo Park Parking App”
  3. Read and approve parking terms and conditions at UiB
  4. Register your mobile number in the parking system.

On mobile phone (or PC)

  1. Download the “Aimo Park Norway” app on mobile/tablet (Google Play(Android)) or from the App Store (iOS/iPhone)
    NB! Not available on Windows phones. If you have a phone with a Windows operating system or want to register online, you must register a parking permit at https://qpark-permit.giantleap.no/#/parking/products/agreement  The site is responsive and can also be used on mobile or tablet.
  2. Initial use: open the app and create a user profile. A mobile number must be registered, but you do not need to register a payment card. Payment for parking at UiB is postponed until 01.06.22, but the app is designed for the planned solution.
    Update your profile with your user information.
  3. Register the parking permit in the app
    • Select “Other products” (not “Start parking”)
    • Select location “Bergen”
    • Select product “Order a parking agreement”
    • Order the parking agreement “University of Bergen Employees and students”
    • Choose between “Employee parking” or “Student parking”
    • Enter registration number (up to 3)
    • Read and approve the parking terms and conditions
    • Finish with “Buy”
    • Check on the website in the app that your registration number is recorded

Renew your parking permit?

Employees and students can renew their parking permit in the APP Aimo Park Norway.

Not sure if you have a valid parking permit?

Employees and students must have a valid electronic parking permit to use free parking spaces at UiB, including electric car spaces and HC parking spaces.
You can see the status of your parking permits in the “Aimo Park Norway” app - on the website there is an overview of valid parking permits, their duration and registration numbers recorded.

Parking in reserved spaces requires a separate parking permit which is managed by the unit that has use of the reserved space.

Who can park?

At the entrance of each parking area there are signs displaying the parking regulations applicable to the area. Users need to familiarise themselves with the signs.

Grouping of UIB’s parking spaces

  • Parking for employees and students (“free spaces”) - electronic parking permit
    Employees and students with a valid electronic parking permit can park in spaces that do not have a separate reserved sign. Electronic parking permits are ordered in the app from Aimo Park after registering a mobile number in UiB's parking solution.
  • Electric cars/Charging stations for electric cars (Electric car spaces)
    Employees and students with a valid electronic parking permit and an electric car can park in spaces marked with Electric car/Charging station for electric cars. Note that spaces with charging stations for electric cars can only be used for as long as the vehicle is on charge.
    Hybrid cars cannot use electric car spaces.
  • Disabled parking (HC spaces)
    Employees and students with a valid electronic parking permit can park in spaces reserved for disabled drivers provided that they also have a municipal disabled driver permit.
  • Parking for motorcycles/mopeds (MC spaces)
    Employees and students can park motorcycles/mopeds in MC spaces. No separate parking permit is required for MC spaces.
    Motorcycles/mopeds must be placed in marked areas, not parked in elsewhere around the buildings.
  • Parking for company vehicles
    Parking spaces have been allocated for company vehicles at UiB. Only service vehicles marked with UiB's logo or coat of arms can use these spaces. These cars are granted an electronic parking permit from the Department of Estate and Facilities Management (register with UiBhjelp).
    Private cars used in service cannot use these spaces.
  • Patient parking
    • Reserved parking spaces for patients are allocated at the University Dental Clinic and Alrek health clouster (Årstadveien 19) and for participants in studies at the Research Unit for Health Studies (Årstadveien 21).
    • The parking space can only be used during the period that the treatment/study is taking place.
    • At Årstadveien 19, cameras read the registration number and automatically charge the parking fee. The patient can pay for parking either using the vending machine in the parking garage, in the app on mobile/pc or receive an invoice.
    • At Årstadveien 21, patients must register the car in a parking kiosk at the patient reception. 
  • Parking for contractors and service companies
    A few spaces have been set aside for use with special permission by companies carrying out assignments for UiB. The Department of Estate and Facilities Management's operational areas can register electronic permits for these spaces.
  • Visitor parking
    Apart from the spaces that are allocated for patients and service companies, there are no separate spaces for visitor parking. External visitors are referred to public parking spaces.
  • Spaces reserved for units (faculties and departments) (expired on 01.04.2022)
    UiB removed 120 reserved spaces on 01.04.2022. The remaining reserved spaces are only for units that have a special electronic parking permit (white-listing). The spaces can only be used with special electronic permits from the relevant unit by the unit “white-listing” the car's registration number for the period in which permission has been given to use a space. It is not sufficient that the employee has an ordinary electronic parking permit for free spaces for employees/students. 

Where are the parking spaces:


Free spaces

Electric car




Dokkeveien 10, roof






Vinjesgt. alongside Sydnesh. school






M. Lagabøtesplass






Rosenberggt. 35






Villav. 10 (closed untill autunm 2022) - 10 charging spaces






Parkveien 9






Jahnebakken 3  2  

Allgt. 70/Allgt. 60 (currently closed due to work until May-22)






Allgt. 55 






Nina Griegsgt. 2, Nygård School












Jonas Liesvei 91 BB-building at the driveway in front of the main entrance  1  
Haukelandsbakken 27, Vivariet  2  
Haukelandsveien 28, AHH27    
Årstadveien 17, Alrek helseklynge  3  

Årstadveien 19, Odontologibygget main entrance, U1, U2






Årstadveien 21, Overlege Danielsssens hus






Kalfarveien 31






Møllendalsveien, KMD






Rental of garage space for 2022:

The University rents out garage spaces in these areas:

  • Dokkeveien parking facility (97 spaces) - employees and students can apply
  • Haukeland area (95 spaces) - employees and students can apply
    The places are in 3 different parking facilities operated by Helse Bergen - AHH tilfluktsrom (5), Ulriksdalen car park (78), Fløenbakken 56 car park (12).

Anyone who wishes to rent a garage space for 2022 must submit an application using the electronic application form.

The deadline for applying for garage space for 2022 was 06.12.2021.
After the ordinary application round, spaces will be allocated on an ongoing basis if there are spaces available.
Emeritus can rent a garage space if there are vacant spaces after the ordinary application deadline and allocation.

The price for 2022 is NOK 7000 per year - with payment in December/June, due for payment before the rental period starts. The rental period runs from 01.01.22 to 31.12.22. It is not possible to apply for a shorter period in the ordinary application round. It is only possible to cancel your parking space every 6 month (summer and winter). The deadline for canceling your parking space is for the last 6 months of the year is June 1st.

Link to application form

Complaining about a parking charge notice
UiB has a framework agreement with the parking company Aimo Park regarding the enforcement of parking spaces at the University.

Complaints about parking charge notices must be submitted in writing to Aimo Park via an electronic form:

Information about parking enforcement