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Information about parking surveillance and enforcement

All who make use of UiB parking spaces must have a valid electronic parking permit. For parking at reserved spots, a special permit (whitelisting) is required. The UiB parking spaces are subject to parking surveillance and enforcement 24-7.

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You must pay for parking at UiB parking spaces. In practical terms, this means that, besides having a valid permit, you must activate payment in the Park Nordic parking app every time you park your car at a UiB parking space.

The vehicle’s licence plate number is registered in the parking system which ensures that vehicles without a valid permit are easily identified.

For ordinary parking permits for open parking spots, electric car spots, and HC-spots, the student or employee is responsible for registering their vehicle’s correct licence plate number in the parking app.

If you park at a UiB parking lot with an unregistered vehicle, you may be fined. You must also ensure that the licence plate number registered in the app is correct, for example if you want to park a rented car or have just bought a new one.

Employees parking at parking spots reserved for the use of a given UiB unit must be whitelisted for that specific parking spot. It is the units that administer parking permits for their reserved spots. Parking at these spots requires payment as normal.

Be advised that you may only park one vehicle at a time on campus, even if you have several vehicles registered in the app. If you do park more than one vehicle at UiB parking spaces at the same time, you may be fined.

About the parking regulations

The current Norwegian parking regulations governing private parking is approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and is in effect from January 1st, 2017.

Parking fines are used as a sanction if the terms of the local parking regulations are not upheld. The parking terms should be clearly stated on signs at the relevant parking space. The driver of the vehicle must ensure that these are followed when making use of the parking space.

Any use of the parking space that does not uphold these terms may result in parking fines being issued, see § 36 in the Norwegian parking regulations (Forskrift om vilkårsparkering for allmennheten og håndheving). The size of the parking fine is regulated by the Norwegian parking regulations and can not be changed by the owner of the parking lot or the parking control company.

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