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Secure bike parking

There are several secure bike parking facilities on UiB's campuses.

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UiB aims to provide all staff and students with the opportunity to cycle to the university, and is currently in the process of installing extensive secure bicycle parking facilities on campus. At the moment there are around 600 secure parking spots for bicycles at UiB. The following parking facilities are behind doors and located close to the relevant UiB building. A UiB access card is needed to use the facilities. In addition to these, there are approximately 800 outdoor bike-rack parking spots located around campus.

Also see map showing bicycle parking space at UiB.

Secure bicycle parking space at UiB

  • HF building (Sydnesplassen 7)
    The safe bike cage adjacent to the HF building has 80 parking spots open for both students and faculty/staff.
  • Ulrike Pihls hus (Professor Keysers gate 1)
    There are 170 secure bicycle parking spots next to Ulrike Pihls hus in two bicycle garages.
  • Christies gate 12
    33 secure parking spots in a bicycle garage.
  • Villaveien 1
    8 secure spots in the basement.
  • Harald Hårfagres gate 29-31
    11 secure spots in the basement.
  • Natural Science Building (Allégaten 41)
    The bicycle cage in the parking garage has 57 secure bike parking spots for faculty/staff.
  • Fysikkbygget (Allégaten 55)
    The bicycle garage at Fysikkbygget has 155 secure parking spots. 
  • "Law 2" (Jekteviksbakken 31)
    57 secure bike parking facilities are available in the garage.
  • The New Odontology building (Årstadveien 19)
    56 secure bike parking facilities are available in the garage.
  • Alrek Helseklynge (Årstadveien 17)
  • Secure bike parking garage with approximately 50 bike parking spots.
  • Kalfarveien 31
    Entra Eiendom, UiB's landlord at Kalfarveien 31, provides facilities for secure bicycle parking.
  • Marineholmen
    Marineholmen Drift provides secure bicycle parking facilities for staff and students (subject to payment of a fee).

Other facilities

There are a few UiB buildings with secure parking spots that are only available to employees working there. Please contact your UiB-unit to check if these are available to you. 

Wardrobes and showers
Please contact your unit regarding access to wardrobes and showers.