Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

Biostatistics and Data Analysis - BIOS

The core facility for biostatistics and data analysis works to enhance the methodological quality of research and research proposals at Faculty of Medicine.

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Additionally, the core facility aims to contribute to increased research activity in environments that require methodological support. This will lead to a higher number of high-quality publications from Faculty of Medicine.

The core facility will serve the faculty's researchers by providing biostatistical project support, including data preparation and analysis of registry data, biobank-based data, and complex datasets from clinical and epidemiological studies. The core facility will particularly assist in the use and establishment of secure data solutions for data not covered by the data services provided by Health West ICT.

The following services will be emphasized:

  1. Assist with statistical and legal support for grant applications.
  2. Provide recommendations on the use of statistical methods, software, and equipment.
  3. Develop systems for secure storage, tracking, and analysis of research data.
  4. Contribute to making data from health registries and health surveys accessible.
  5. Offer initial statistical assistance for projects.
  6. Quality assurance of analyses for others.
  7. Ensure long-term analysis support for complex projects.
  8. Provide ongoing statistical support for larger projects and research groups.
  9. Develop tools for more specialized analyses.
  10. Develop relevant expertise within research environments through courses and workshops.