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Application processes at IGS

Applications from IGS regarding external funding shall be well planned, and anchored with the Department-leadership. To be able to provide good administrative support to the process (including the budget) the below time schedule applies.

As a rule for all applications, the budget must be quality assured by a project economist, and the application must be approved by the Head of Department before it is submitted.

Time schedule: 

  • When you are planning the application: Contact Research Advisor Ramune Midttveit and project economist when you plan the application, to get help adjusting the application to the call. You will receive a budget template for the relevant call. Make a budget draft, and send it to the project economist for quality assurance.
  • No later than one (1) month before the deadline: Inform the Head of Department and Head of Administration in an e-mail with a brief description of the project, which call and what type of project for which you are applying funds. Checklist for application for external funds
  • 1 week before deadline: Send application and budget quality assured by the project economist to Head of Department for approval

Completion of the application will be carried out the last week until deadline.

The administration will not look at the scientific content, but will quality assure the application because of the financial commitment made by the Department. 

NamePosition and email 
Filiz IpekSenior executive officer, Economy Coordinator/Prosject economist
Ramune Midttveit*Research Advisor at MED
Siri SmithHead of Administration
Guri RørtveitHead of Department

*) Research Adviser Ramune Midttveit is located at Kalfarveien 31 Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please contact her for application support.

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