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Pandemic Centre

Through research, teaching and dissemination, the Pandemic Centre shall provide innovative knowledge that enables society to cope with pandemics in the best possible way.

Illustrasjon ESS

ESS-survey collects data from over 30 countries

The University of Bergen is national coordinator for The Europan Social Survey. This is a cross-national survey collecting data from over 30 countries, including data regarding the covid 19-pandemic and people's behaviour.


The Pandemic Center to collaborate with the Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center of TU Delft

Two representatives of PDPC visited the Pandemic Centre in the second week of January to explore possible collaborations

The Lancet visits Alrek
How to be published in the Lancet
Mar 06

Editor-in-chief of the Lancet Lancet Regional Health – Europe to share insight on how to get published and make an impact in society

On the 6th of March Pooja Jha, Editor-in-chief of the Lancet Regional Health –Europe, visits Alrek to meet researchers and students.

CCBIO-symposium 2022
Robert S. Langer

The Moderna-founder: – Look for the good role-models!

Researcher and co-founder of the biotech-company Moderna, Robert S. Langer, has met a lot of skepticism and rejection in his career. He explains the road to success with being stubborn, having courage to think big and to have good role-models.