Norwegian Language Courses at UiB
How to apply for Norwegian language courses

Application information: International students

International students register for our Norwegian language courses in Studentweb. There are no language entry requirements for NOR-INTRO, NOR-U1, NOR-U1/2, but admission to one of our higher level courses require that you have already passed a lower level. Alternatively, you may qualify through a placement test.

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In order to be admitted to one of our courses as an international student you must be one of the following

  • an international Master's student at UiB
  • an exchange student at UiB


Bachelor's students, one-year programme students and students on post studies do not meet the requirements and will not be admitted. PhD-candidates must apply as employees.

Note: Studentweb will open for registration to the Norwegian Language Courses on 4 January at 8 a.m.


You can register for Norwegian language courses in Studentweb from 4 January/2 August at 8 a.m. The registration deadlines are 1 February and 1 September.

Language entry requirement

To sign up for the courses NOR-U2, NOR-U3 and NOR-U4 you will have to meet the language entry requirement. If you have not taken courses at UiB before (or another Norwegian University), you may take a placement test to assess which level you are qualified for.


If the courses are full, you may sign up for our waitlist. You should also visit Studentweb regularly in January and August to see if there are any free seats.

Please note that we have a limited number of seats, and that the seats reserved for international students will be given on a first-come, first-served policyWe will however reserve a few seats on level 2, 3 and 4 for new international students that have studied Norwegian at their home University.


Our courses will mostly take place on campus. Make sure that you sign up for a course group that fits your schedule and that you have enough time between your Norwegian course and your other courses.

Switch groups

We do not have the capacity to switch groups for students. If you need to switch groups after you have signed up in Studentweb and there are no free seats, you may find another student who wants to switch with you. We can arrange for a change of groups in this case if you fill out this form.

Placement test

Applicants who have already acquired knowledge of Norwegian outside of UiB, may sign up for a placement test. This is necessary for admission to NOR-U2, NOR-U3, NOR-U4 and NOR-UNN.

The placement test cannot replace exam results from NOR-U1, NOR-U1/2, NOR-U2 or NOR-U3. The test is not graded, and we do not issue any certificate of the test. 

If you have taken any of our courses during the past two years, you may not take the placement test.

It is not possible to appeal the result of the placement test.

Students who have qualified for a level after taking the placement test, may be moved up or down a level after the course has started. This is because language skills are better evaluated in class.


Sign up for the placement test before Thursday 30 December