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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to the Norwegian Language Courses.

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Admission and registration

International students

More details are available here.

Why am I unable to sign up for Norwegian language courses in Studentweb?

There may be several reasons as to why you are not able to sign up for our courses in Studentweb, but the most common are:

  1. The registration period has not yet started. Check the dates for the upcoming semester here and try again later
  2. You are not qualified for the course you are trying to register for. Check “required previous knowledge” in the course description. If you are indeed qualified, but still can't register, write to studynorwegian@uib.no
  3. The course is full. If the course you would like to register for is full, you can sign up for our wait list

I am on the wait list for one of your courses. When can I expect an answer?

We contact students on the wait list continuously. We will notify you by email if we have a vacant seat. If you have not heard anything by 1 February/1 September, you should assume that we are unable to offer you a seat.

Can I change to a different group?

Yes, but only if there are free seats or if you can find someone willing to switch groups with you. If you are two students interested in switching with each other, you can fill out this form.

International employees and partners of employees

More details are available here.

I have applied for admission to the Norwegian Language Courses in Søknadsweb. When can I expect an answer to my application?

You cannot expect an answer until at least a month after the application deadline. All offers of admission will be sent out by email.

The exact date will be published here.

Why was I not assigned a seat in my preferred group?

Each group has a limited number of seats, and we cannot guarantee all applicants admission to their first choice.

I need to withdraw from the course I have been admitted to. May I reserve my seat for next semester?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to reserve a seat. You are however more than welcome to apply again later.

If you need to withdraw your registration, we ask that you let us know by writing to studynorwegian@uib.no.

External applicants

More details are available here.

The lecture times do not fit my schedule. Can I change to a different group?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to change groups.

I am a new student at UiB. Why can I not access Mitt UiB?

In order to access Mitt UiB, you must first claim your user account.


Where can I find my course schedule?

You can find your course schedule in Mitt UiB (calendar) as well as here.

Does my course have mandatory attendance?

Yes, all our courses have 75% compulsory attendance. More information about attendance and other compulsory requirements is available in the course description.

Is it possible to get special teaching arrangements?

Yes, if you have a disability or other special needs, you can apply for special teaching arrangements by filling out this form.

The application deadline is 1 February/ 1 September

Language requirements for permanent residency/ admission to higher education

How should I proceed to fulfill the language requirements for permanent residency and/or citizenship?

If you can document "adequate" knowledge of Norwegian, you can be granted a permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship without completing Norwegian language tuition. Adequate knowledge of Norwegian may be achieved by passing one of the following:

NOR-U1 + NOR-U2 (30 credits) or NOR-U1/2 (30 credits) or NOR-U2 + NOR-U3 (30 credits) or NOR-U3 (15 credits)

You must apply to the municipality to be exempt from the Norwegian language tuition. In Bergen kommune, write to Bergen Læringssenter. A transcript of records may be ordered in Studentweb.

We do not offer social studies as a part of our Norwegian language courses, and we do not write confirmations of attendance.

What are the language requirements for admission to higher education in Norway?

The Norwegian language requirement for admission to Norwegian universities and university colleges can be met by passing NOR-U3. More information is available on NUCAS' website.

Confirmations and transcripts

Can I get a confirmation of my participation?

Normally, we do not write confirmations of participation, attendance, or exam results. The exceptions are:

  • Confirmations of attendance to refugees/immigrants that have been asked to provide documentation by NAV

  • Confirmations related to courses completed in 2004 or earlier

You may order a transcript of records in Studentweb. If more information is needed, you can attach the course description: NOR-INTRONOR-U1NOR-U2NOR-U3NOR-U4NOR-U1/2NOR-UNN.

We do not offer social studies as a part of our Norwegian language courses.

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

What CEFR level is the course I am taking on?

We do not apply the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages directly to our courses, but we estimate that

  • passed NOR-U1 corresponds to A2

  • passed NOR-U2 corresponds to B1

  • passed NOR-U3 corresponds to B2

  • passed NOR-U4 corresponds to C1-C2


How do I sign up for the exam?

  • International students sign up for the exam in Studentweb before 1 February/1 September

  • Employees, partners, refugees, and immigrants who have been granted admission will be registered by the administration

  • Former Norwegian language course students with valid compulsory requirements may sign up for the exam only by submitting this form

When and where is my exam?

You may find an overview over every exam date and location at the Faculty of Humanities here. You will also find general exam information (time, place, duration) in Studentweb and in each course's course description.

Oral exam dates will be announced later than the written exam dates.

I am unable to attend the exam on the date given. What should I do?

If you have conflicting exams, or an important reason not to do the exam on the given date, contact us as soon as possible.

Please note that each student is responsible for staying informed about important dates.

Is it possible to get special examination arrangements?

Yes, if you have a disability or other special needs, you can apply for special examination arrangements by filling out this form.

The application deadline is 1 February/ 1 September

More information: https://www.uib.no/en/disability

Where can I find my exam result?

Once your result is ready, you will find it in Studentweb. The result of a written examination should be ready after three weeks.

Can I get an explanation of my grade?

Yes, you are entitled to an academic justification of your grade.

The deadline for requesting an explanation is one week after the grade is published in Studentweb. You should normally receive the explanation within two weeks after you have requested it. The explanation can be given orally or in writing. You ask for the explanation in Studentweb

I do not agree with my result. What can I do?

If you don't agree with the result you have been given, you can appeal your grade. Your exam answer will then be reassessed by a new set of examiners. The outcome can be to your advantage, but also to your disadvantage.

The deadline for appealing is three weeks after your result is published in Studentweb. If you have requested an explanation, the deadline is three weeks after receiving the explanation.

You cannot appeal the result of an oral exam.

You will find more information and a link to the appeal form here.