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Explanation of grades

You are entitled to an academic justification of your grade.

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The explanation will be given by the examiner (Act relating to universities and university colleges § 5-3). The examiner will state the general principles on which the assessment was based and explain the assessment of the candidate's performance. He/she decides whether the explanation is given orally or in writing. The explanation is an academic assessment and formulated at the examiner´s discretion. 

How do I request an explanation?  

You can, for most examinations, ask for an explanation on Studentweb. Go to “More” and then Examination appeal, choose your course, and click on the button “Explanation of grade.” Ask for an explanation: login - Studentweb.

How will I receive the explanation? 

You should normally receive an explanation within two weeks after you have requested it. The explanation is normally given in the UiB exam system, but will in some cases be given by email or orally. 

Students at the Faculty of Law will receive the necessary information on the course page in Mitt UiB when the assessment is made. 

Assessment guidelines 

There are assessment guidelines for every examination. The guidelines should ensure thorough and well-performed grading and quality assurance across different examiners. The assessment guidelines can also be useful for students to read. 

Oral and practical examinations 

If you have an oral exam or evaluation of practical skills, you must request an explanation immediately after you have learned your grade. This also applies to concerts, exhibitions, trial lectures and clinical tests. The examiner will usually provide the explanation right away when requested.  

Portfolio assessment 

You will receive one grade for the portfolio assessment. Hence, you can request an explanation for the total assessment of all the work that is included in the portfolio, and not just for the individual work. 

Exceptions for request for explanation in Studentweb

If you, whitin the deadline, cannot find the button for explanation request in StudentWeb, you must follow the instructions given by the organizing faculty.  

Faculty of Fine Art, Music, and Design: send an email to eksamen.kmd@uib.no. Please state your name, course code/name of course, candidate number and telephone number in the email. 

Faculty of Law: please see the informaton in Mitt UiB.

Faculty of Social Sciences: please fill in the spaces in this form Explanation of Exam Results at the Faculty of Social Sciences - Page 1 of 3 (uib.no) 

Contact Information


Faculty of Art, Music and Design: eksamen.kmd@uib.no. 

Faculty of humanities: studierettleiar@hf.uib.no

Faculty of Law: klagesensur.jurfa@uib.no

Faculty of Mathematics and Natual Sciences: studie.matnat@uib.no

Faculty of Medicine: UiBhjelp

Faculty of Psychology: eksamen@psyfa.uib.no.

Faculty of Social Sciences: studieveileder.svfa@uib.no.