Norwegian Language Courses at UiB

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Learn Norwegian at UiB!

We offer a range of Norwegian language courses on different levels to

  • International students at UiB
  • International employees at the University of Bergen and their partners
  • External applicants (immigrants and refugees) with permanent residency in Norway 

Contact us: studynorwegian@uib.no

What courses do we offer?

We offer four different levels of Norwegian bokmål, and one course in nynorsk. 

Courses without entry requirements:

Courses with entry requirements:


Application deadlines for the autumn 2021

External applicants (refugees and immigrants) must apply in the application web before 2 May

Employees and partners of employees must apply in the application web before 2 June

International students may sign up for courses in studentWeb from 2 August

Norskkursene på Universitetet i Bergen

Tips from former students to new students

  • Start revising from day one
  • Practise outside of class
  • Engage in conversations with Norwegians
  • Invest time to learn