Norwegian Language Courses at UiB

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Spring in Bergen

Norwegian Language Courses at UiB

Application deadline autumn 2024

Each semester more than 600 UiB employees, partners, immigrants, refugees and international students are enrolled in a Norwegian language course at the University of Bergen. We offer a total of 7 different courses on 4 different levels. You will find a complete overview of our courses here.

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Placement test

If you have not completed a Norwegian language course at UiB previously, but would like to apply for a higher level course, you will have to complete a placement test.

Studenter i uteområdene HF

Schedule for the Norwegian Language Courses

Autumn semester 2024

Course levels
Arts and Humanities Library, UiB

Our courses

With some exceptions, most of our courses are open for both international students and employees. We also offer a few courses to refugees and immigrants.

Tips from former students to new students

  • Start practicing Norwegian from the very start
  • Practise Norwegian outside of class
  • Engage in conversations with Norwegians
  • Invest time to learn