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Master's Programme in Music Performance or Composition

Application deadline for entry in August 2022 is 15 December 2021.


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The Master’s Programme in Music Performance or Composition is aimed at instrumentalists, singers and composers working with classical music or jazz. The emphasis is on further developing the student’s artistic profile and reinforcing the ability for professional reflection and independence. Our master’s programme consists of two basic courses of study: main instrument or composition, and project work. Project work is divided into three sub-projects and allows for specialisation in one or more self-chosen topics within the student’s own performing or creative field of interest. Projects are designed to support the student’s performing/creative work by raising awareness about and reflecting on musical issues. Much leeway is given to choice of different forms of documentation, depending on the project’s particular subject matter.

Teaching takes place in the form of individual lessons in the student’s main instrument/project, and in seminars. Seminars are founded on open group discussions and addresses questions related to work methods, use of sources and issues concerning relevant topics in the students’ work.

Because our master’s programme attracts many students from abroad, English is used as the main language in some group contexts. In addition to instruction by our highly qualified faculty members, Norwegian and international guests are invited to host seminars and master classes. As a master’s student, you have the opportunity to go on an exchange programme at a foreign institution, and you can apply for financial support in connection with your project and master’s exam concert. A completed master’s degree qualifies you to apply for the PhD programme in Artistic Research.

Admission Process

You register your application through Søknadsweb/Application Web.

Due to the uncertain circumstances with the Covid-19-pandemic, the audition procedures for admission to the Master's Programme in Music Performance or Composition with entry to the programme in August 2022 has been changed.

Auditions will be held in two rounds;

  1. round - video audition
  2. round - interview and possible additional online audition

Applicants who are found qualified after round 1, will receive an invitation to round 2.

Admission process

  1. Application deadline and deadline for additional application form: 15 December
  2. Deadline for submitting your audition video/composed material: 15 January
  3. Invitation to interview: Will be sent 1 February
  4. Interview: week 10, 7 - 11 March
  5. Offer of admission published in Søknadsweb: 14 March

See bottom of page under "Application status" for more details about the admission process.

Admission requirements

Before you start your application for admission, please check that you have the required academic background. Only applicants who meet the admission requirements can be qualified. If you are not qualified your application will be rejected. 

The Master's Programme in Music performance or Composistion requires a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance or Composition or other relevant field of study, or a relevant degree equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits, but normally of 4 years duration.
In the first round, the applicants' qualifications will be assessed on the basis of their application, including the additional application form, and their audition video.
Applicants who advance to the second round will be interviewed.

Admission to The Grieg Academy and the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design is highly competitive.

Academic requirements

  1. You must have obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance or Composition, normally of minimum 4 years' duration.
    Your degree must be issued by a recognized university or university college.
    You can find the specific requirements for your home country in the country list.
  2. You must document your English language proficiency, see below for details.

Language requirement

Applicants who are not native English speakers must document their proficiency in English by taking an internationally recognised English test.

Schedule your test early enough for the results to reach us within the application deadline 15 December.

How to document English Language proficiency

Applicants from some English-speaking African countries, and applicants with a degree taught in English from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East are not exempt from submitting an English language test.

Information about exemptions.

Application requirements

Deadline for registering your application for entry to the programme in August 2022 is 15 December 2021. The application form will be open from 1 November.

Complete application

In the online application form you fill in all the necessary information, as well as upload all the required documentation.


  1. Register your application in Søknadsweb
  2. Fill in the additional application form
    (You find the link in the receipt from your application registration)
  3. Applicants to composition: 2 Letters of Recommendation
  4. CV showing former education and artistic experience and activities.
  5. Secondary School certificate / High School Diploma
  6. University degree certificate(s)/diploma(s)
  7. Transcript of records (an official statement listing courses/subjects you have completed at your university) including a description of the grading scale used.
  8. Documentation of English language proficiency (for non-native English speakers).
  9. Copy of your passport or picture ID including full name, date of birth and gender.

    Additional requirement for applicants from outside the EU/EEA/EFTA
  10. Documentation of sufficient funding to obtain a residence permit for studies. Required amount for 2022/2023 is NOK 126 357.
    Valid forms of documentation of funds:
    • Self-financing: Bank statement/transcript (dated after 1 October 2021) in your name detailing the required amount (NOK 126 357 or the equivalent in any currency)
    • Financing provided by sponsor: Guarantee letter and official bank statement/transcript (dated after 1 October 2021) showing possession of the required amount (NOK 126 357 or the equivalent in any currency)
    • A letter confirming that you are eligible for a scholarship/student loan from your home country.
  11. After admission:
    • You will need a confirmation receipt from UiB as documentation for your application for a residence permit for studies.
      • Transfer the required amount to Sammen's deposit account.
      • UiB will send you a confirmation receipt by email as soon as possible after your transfer.
      • Submit the receipt with your application for a residence permit for studies.
    • Only transfer money after you have received your Letter of Acceptance.

If you complete your bachelor's degree in the spring 2022 you must also upload

  • Your higher education completed to date.
  • A list of courses you are registered for and the expected date for completion.

Document requirements

  • We require all uploaded documentation to be scanned from original documents.
  • If the original language of your documents is not English or a Scandinavian language, officially certified copies of a translation to one of these languages must accompany certified copies of your documents in the original language.
  • The documents must be uploaded as good quality PDF-files.

Requirements for your audition video

You registrer the links to your audition videos in a separate form. Deadline 15 January.
A link to the form will be sent all applicants the beginning of January.

  • The complete audition repertoire must be uploaded as either one continuous video, or one video per piece played.
  • The video(s) must be unedited.
  • The video(s) are uploaded to YouTube or similar service.
    • It is up to the applicant to decide the privacy settings for the video(s), and must make sure the jury is able to view them.
  • The video must show the applicant in complete figure.
  • There are no specific requirements for recording equipment, but we urge all applicants to use the best equipment available to them.

NOTE: It is the applicants responsibility to make sure that all links to the audition videos are working. The Grieg Academy may not contact the applicants where the links are faulty before the application is declined.

Audition requirements, classical

Your video must consist of your entire audition repertoire.

  • 45 minutes self-chosen audition repertoire showing breadth and diversity within the standrad repertoire for the instrument.

Repertoire list showing at least 180 minutes that has been studied and for the most part performed, including at least 30 minutes chamber music, must be entered in the additional application form.

Audition requirements, jazz

Your video must consist of your entire audition repertoire.

  • Up to 30 minutes self-chosen repertoire showing breadth within the genre.

CV showing performing activities up to date; what bands you have played with, what recordings you have participated on, and concert activities, must be entered in the additional application form.

Audition requirements, composition

Applicants to composition must submit a complete application with additional application form, minimum 2 letters of recommendation and documentation of compositional practice.

Requirements, deadline 15 January

  • Substantial documentation of composed repertoire of approx. 45 minutes, including recordings where available.
  • A written account of the contexts in which the works are composed and performed.

The jury can also give relevant additional tests if found necessary in relation to the submitted documentation. If this proves necessary, the applicant will be contacted at an early stage and given time to prepare.

Scores are submitted via WeTransfer or similar service. A functioning link is then forwarded to admission.kmd@uib.no.
At least some of the scores must also be presented with a recording; preferably video.

  • Video recordings are to be uploaded to YouTube or similar service.
  • Audio recordings are to be uploaded to SoundCloud or similar service.

It is up to the applicant to decide the privacy settings for the recordings, and must make sure the jury is able to review them.


During part of the interview the applicant must be prepared to answer questions related to composition, score analysis, orchestration, knowledge of music history and other topics pertinent to the field of composition.

Please note: It is the applicants responsibility to make sure that all links to filesharer- , video-, audio- and other services are functioning. The Grieg Academy may not notify applicants where links are faulty before the application is declined.

How to apply?

Register your application through the online application service Søknadsweb/Application Web.

  1. Choose English language in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose International Applicant.
  3. Click "Register new international applicant" and follow the instructions given.
    • Make sure your personal information is correct: contact address, e-mail, mobile phone number, preferred language, etc.
    • Use your private address, not your university address. It is important that you enter the city code/post code and city.
  4. Click "Save" to finish the registration. You will be redirected to the login page.
    • An email confirming your registration has been sent to your registered e-mail address. This email also contains your password for logging in.
  5. Log on to Søknadsweb and start the application process.

Application status

The status of your application will be Under consideration on Søknadsweb until we have finished the processing.

Applicants completing their Bachelor's Degree the Spring 2022 will, if offered a place, only receive a conditional offer until documentation of completed bachelor's degree is submitted.

Applicants whose application is rejected will only receive information about this through Søknadsweb.

Admission Process

1 Nov -
15 Dec

Application period: You can change your application and upload new documents until the deadline 15 December.

15 Dec -
15 Jan

Registration period: We check that the applications meet the formal requirements.

15 Jan

Deadline for submitting video links. Upload the links in one document to your application in Søknadsweb.

15 Jan - 1 Feb

Processing period: Complete applications will be processed by the relevant jury. Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview as part of the admission procedures.

1 Feb

Interviews: All qualified applicants are invited to the interview as part of the admission procedures.

7-11 March

Interviews: All qualified applicants are interviewed for admission by the relevant jury. Additional online test may apply. The jury’s recommendations are then presented to the Department Head.

14 March

Offer of admission: Applicants who are offered admission to The Grieg Academy will have the result published in Søknadsweb. You will also be notified by e-mail

End of March

Rejections: Applicants who are not offered admission will be informed by e-mail by the end of March.

By 23 March

Offer of admission: Applicants with an offer of admission must accept or decline the offer of admission.

By 15 May

Student housing: Apply for student housing as soon as possible and before you apply for a residence permit.

By 1 June

Deposit money: In order to obtain a residence permit for studies, you have to deposit money to SiB’s Deposit Account for International Students.

By 1 JuneResidence permit: Apply for a residence permit for studies.