The Grieg Academy – Department of Music

Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme

Applications to the institution must be submitted by December 1 2015 for entrance in October 2016. We advice all potential applicants to make contact with the Grieg Academy well within this date.


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The Grieg Academy is a partner of the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, along with many other artistic educational institutions in Norway.

This programme is a parallel programme to Ph.D. studies and is among the first of its kind within this field in Europe. The programme shall contribute to artistic development at a high international level and will lead to qualification as an Associate Professor.

The fellowships programme offers employment in a three-year fellowship position to its candidates, who will also enter into an interdisciplinary professional environment across their own artistic standpoint and area of specialisation.

The programme is coordinated by Bergen National Academy of the Arts. For more information, please contact our Head of Department or see the National Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowships Programme website.