Informatics, Master's, 2 years

We live in a world where most people have a computer in their pocket. Amazing developments in science, technology and medicine are possible because of the field of computer science and informatics.
  • TuitionNone
  • Years2 Years
  • Intake52
  • Grade requirementsMinimum C
  • LanguageEnglish, Norwegian
  • ECTS120
  • StartAutumn and Spring

Main content

Research in informatics attempts to answer questions like: 

  • How do we design new languages for interacting with computers? 
  • How are mathematical models related to the foundations of computing? 
  • How do we protect computers and smart devices from malicious attack? 
  • How can we make computers and networks perform better and faster, in fields like communications, logistics, finance, and engineering?  
  • How can we future-proof information storage for coming generations?  

On the Master of Science in Informatics programme, you will have a chance to shape the future by understanding and contributing to research in these exciting technologies.  

You can choose to specialise in AlgorithmsBioinformaticsLogic, Machine LearningOptimisationSecure and reliable communication  or Visualisation

You can apply to this programme if you live in Norway. Read more about application procedures


Graduates of the master’s programme find jobs in Norway and abroad, in public and private sectors.  

Career options: 

  • consultants 
  • work for state organisations 
  • commercial developers in technology, banking, and medicine 
  • … to name a few 

Employers describe graduates of the programme as being dedicated, skillful, and well-prepared. 

Some graduates go on to complete PhDs and build careers as researchers.  


The programme starts in spring and autumn. 

Courses: The course Algorithms INF234, worth 10 ECTS, is compulsory. The remaining coursework worth 50 ECTS, must be on the 200- or 300 level, and depends on your specialisation and thesis subject. You choose courses in cooperation with your supervisor. 

Master's thesis: The Master's thesis in Informatics INF399 is worth 60 credits and is written in your last two semesters. But, in consultation with your supervisor, you can also choose to write a thesis of 30 credits and expand the amount of coursework correspondingly. 

Academic life

Welcome to a friendly, international environment in the Department of Informatics at UiB. You will be part of a community of master’s students from Norway and beyond, with an international research and teaching staff.  

Your learning activities will be a mixture of lectures, seminar groups, and computing labs, roughly 12 hours a week. While there is no formal attendance requirement, we recommend that you attend all activities to get the most out of the programme. You will also get your own desk in the department.  

We encourage master’s students to join one of the department’s research groups. During your first semester you will also identify a supervisor and a master’s thesis topic. 

What will I learn?

You will acquire a broad knowledge of the field of informatics and technology as it stands today, and develop your awareness of how informatics can contribute to solutions to society’s problems. You will have the knowledge and skills to be able to analyse a wide range of problems, and use your knowledge of technology and methods to discuss different approaches to solving them. You will also have an understanding of the scientific and ethical issues relevant to the field. 

Your thesis topic will allow you to specialise in one of several areas: 

Within your chosen field, you will develop deeper knowledge and insight. You will learn specialised methods both within the specialisation and the type of research question you are tackling. For example, if you choose to specialise in visualisation, your programme will also include an introduction to relevant areas in medicine, biology, or the geosciences. 

Full list of learning outcomes

Study period abroad

You can spend one semester at one of our partner institutions abroad. 

Admission requirements

Specific admission requirements for the specializations 

The Master Programme in informatics has seven specializations with specific admission requirements. Read more:


How to apply

Follow these links to find the general entry requirements and guidelines on how to apply:

You will also have to meet the programme specific entry requirements.

The programme has main admission in fall and supplementary admission in spring (application deadline 1 November), if not all spots have been filled in the fall admission.