Application procedure for Nordic citizens and applicants residing in Norway

Admission to master's programmes for Nordic citizens and applicants residing in Norway. Applicants with citizenship from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland residing in Norway, are obliged to pay tuition fees unless exemptions apply.

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What master’s programmes do we offer at UiB?

Here you can find our master’s programmes for applicants from the EU and EEA.

In the overview of programmes you will also find experience-based master's degree, which is a part-time study.

If you have any academic questions, for example about courses’ content, please contact the student advisers connected to the program’s faculty.

What are the admission requirements?

To qualify to master’s programmes you’ll have to fulfill the mentioned requirements further down.

Each study program also has individual specific requirements to their master’s programmes. Make sure to check the study program descriptions under requirements.

Important deadlines

Fall admission opens their admission portal 1st of February. The deadline for applying for a master’s program is 15th of April. You can find more information about each deadline here

If you are currently working or self-employed, have special needs or children, or you are here on a permit, you might have to apply for early reply. This you can do before 1st of March. You can find more information about early reply here

You can find more information about study programmes with a starting date in January 2024 here.

How do I apply?

You can apply in the period of 1st of February to 15th of April, or if you are applying for spring admission in the period of 1st of October to 1st of November.

Please be aware of that some applicants needs to apply by 1st of March, for example applicants applying for early apply.

Apply for admission through Søknadsweb.

Are you a student at another University, or have you finished a foreign education or changed your name? Remember to check if you need to upload any additional documentation.

Can’t find what you are looking for, or you have more questions? Please contact the admission office

Early reply

The application deadline to get an early reply is 1 March.

Deadlines for early reply:Application deadline1 March
 Your application is answered20 May

You can apply for an early reply if you:

  • Will have to resign from a job to which you are required to give at least two months' notice or you will have to apply for study leave.
  • Are self-employed and will need to liquidate your business.
  • Will have to move with your family and this means that you must end your job or your kids must change schools or kindergarten.
  • Will need UiB to make arrangements to accommodate special needs (dyslexia not included).
  • Will need to apply for a study permit/renew your residence permit

You must be qualified for the master's programme to get an early reply:

  • You must meet the necessary admission requirements within 1 March to qualify for an early reply. If you complete your bachelor's degree (or any other education relevant for the admission) after 1 March, you will not qualify for an early reply.
  • In addition, you must have an average grade score that would have placed you in the top half among the admitted applicants to the master's programme last year. Typically, you cannot receive an early reply if we are unable to calculate your average grade score.

Not all master's programmes can provide an early reply. New master's programmes have no previous score threshold to compare applicants against. Therefore, you typically will not receive early responses for new master's programs.

If your reason for applying for an early reply is not approved or your average grade is not high enough to compete with the other applicants eligible for an early reply, your application will be processed in the regular admission.

More about:


Find specific requirements for documents from each country in our country list.

You must upload:

  1. Secondary School certificate.
  2. University degree certificate(s)/diploma(s), including a diploma supplement or grading scale explanation (all pages).
  3. Transcript of records (an official statement listing courses/subjects you have completed at your university).
  4. Course descriptions and syllabi for all relevant courses.
  5. Documentation of English language proficiency.
  6. Copy of your passport or picture ID showing full name, date of birth and gender, if you are not applying with a Norwegian ID number.
  7. Check if the master's programme you wish to apply for has any additional requirements. Note specifically that the Master's programme in English has a higher English requirement.
  8. Documentation of eligibility for an early reply, if applicable. This can be a work contract, certificate from the tax office of your business, doctor's certificate, etc.

Conditional offer of admission

We offer the possibility of conditional admission if you complete your Bachelor's degree during the spring semester 2024.

You must upload the following within the application deadline 15 April:

  • All the abovementioned documentation, except for your Bachelor's degree diploma/certificate
  • Your higher education completed to date.
  • A list of courses you are registered for and the expected date for completion.

You must upload the following before the semester registration deadline:

  • A transcript showing the completion of all required courses, and a Bachelor's degree diploma/certificate confirming that your degree is awarded.

Document requirements

  • We require all documents to be scanned from original documentation.
  • If the original language of your documents is not English or a Scandinavian language, officially certified copies of a translation to one of these languages must accompany certified copies of your documents in the original language.
  • Documents must be uploaded as PDF files of good quality.

    Apply for admission

    1. Apply at Søknadsweb

    Admission autumn 2023:

    • 1 February: Søknadsweb opens (for programs that start in August 2024)
    • 15 April: Final application deadline.
    • 1 July: Final deadline to upload documents.
    • 1 July: Final deadline to change the order of priority of your application alternatives
    Spring admission 2023:
    • 1 October: Søknadsweb opens (for programs that start in January 2024)
    • 1 November: Final application deadline.
    • 1 December: Final deadline to upload documents

    Applicants residing in Norway: Apply at Søknadsweb using your Norwegian ID number. If you do not have a Norwegian ID-number, you must contact your local tax office to apply for one. You will find more information regarding how to apply for a Norwegian ID number on the web site of Study in Norway. If you do not receive your ID number in time to apply, please contact us by submitting a query to the admission's office.  

    Nordic citizens: Apply at Søknadsweb following the instructions for "international applicants", using your e-mail address and creating a password.

    2. Upload your documents

    • You are responsible for uploading all the required documents within the deadline.
    • Applications with no supporting documents will be rejected.
    • Refrain from uploading more documents than required.
    • Give your documents simple, logic names (bachelor transcript, bachelor diploma, IELTS, etc.)

    3. Prioritising your application alternatives

    • You can apply for a maximum of 2 master's programmes at Søknadsweb. These will be in a prioritised order.
    • You can change your priority until 1 July (or 1 December for the spring admission)
    • If you are offered admission to the programme with the highest priority, the other programmes will automatically be disregarded.

    The outcome of your application

    The outcome of your application will be published at Soknadsweb and by email.

    Admission fall 2024The results will be published at Søknadsweb10 July 2024
     Deadline to accept offer17 July 2024
     Conditional offer, documentation deadline31 August 2024
    Admission spring 2025The results will be published at Søknadsweb8 December 2024
     Deadline to accept offer15 December 2024
     Conditional offer, documentation deadline31 January 2025

    Document inspection

    You may be asked to hand in your original documents at the start of your first semester at UiB, for a routine inspection. Students that can't present approved documentation may loose their right to study at UiB.