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Master's Programme in Design

Application deadline for admission in August 2022 is 1 February.

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You can register your application from 1 December through Søknadsweb.

The Master’s Programme in Design is an interdisciplinary study programme that allows design students to immerse themselves more deeply in a self-chosen topic.

Your application to the programme consists of a description of your future master’s project at the department. This consists of a more extensive, independent and experimental design project you will work with throughout the two years until your final exam.

An essential part of the MA curriculum is based on professional dialogue and discussions with other design students and tutors. You will also be introduced to new and stimulating professional meeting places, and you will often work across established professional boundaries.

Your daily life as an MA student consists of independent work and work in smaller groups, lectures, courses and workshops. The Department of Design admits a small group of master’s students every year, allowing for close contact between academic staff and students.

Periodically, you will present your project orally and in writing, and learn how to convincingly talk and write about your work. Exhibitions will be held in connection with semester assessments. Here you will also have the opportunity to develop your skills in visual and oral communication.

Your studies will allow you to explore the role of being a designer. You will also gain important experience in what creates momentum and brings creativity to project collaborations with other designers and design users. This helps you to lay the foundation for managing larger design projects.

Our Master’s Programme in Design has an international profile. The language of instruction is English and the student body is composed of different nationalities. As a master’s student you are encouraged to enter an exchange programme, and since the exchange programme is an integrated part of your studies, you will not be delayed in your study progress.

The study programme concludes with a larger public exhibition.

Admission process

You can register your application from 1 December through Søknadsweb.

  1. Application deadline: 1 February
  2. Application and portfolio assessment: 14 - 18 February
  3. Invitation to interview: will be sent by 25 February
  4. Interview: 14 - 18 March
  5. Offer of admission published in Søknadsweb: 23 March

See bottom of page under "Application status" for more details about the admission process.

Admission requirements

Before you start your application for admission, please check that you have the required academic background. Only applicants who meet the admission requirements can be qualified. If you are not qualified your application will be rejected.

The Master's Programme in Design requires a Bachelor's Degree in Design or other similar field of study, or a relevant degree equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits, but normally of 4 years duration.
In the first round of application, the applicants' qualifications will be assessed on the basis of their application, which must include a Letter of Motivation, project description and documentation of relevant design-related work (portfolio).
Applicants who advance to the second round will be interviewed.

Admission to The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design and the University of Bergen is highly competitive.

Academic requirements

  1. You must have obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Design, normally of minimum 4 years' duration.
    Your degree must be issued by a recognized university or university college.
    You can find the specific requirements for your home country in the country list
  2. You must document your English language proficiency, see below for details.

Language requirement

Applicants who are not native English speakers must document their proficiency in English by taking an internationally recognised English test.

Schedule your test early enough for the results to reach us within the application deadline 1 February.

How to document English language proficiency

Applicants from some English-speaking African countries, and applicants with a degree taught in English from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East are not exempt from submitting an English language test.

Information about exemptions.

Application requirements

Deadline for registering your application for entry to the programme in August 2022 is 1 February 2022. The application form will be open from 1 December 2021.

Application form

In the application form you fill in all the necessary information, as well as upload all the required documentation, including your Letter of Motivation, Project Description and portfolio.

Required documentation

  1. Portfolio
  2. Project description
  3. Letter of Motivation
  4. CV including your educational background
  5. Secondary School certificate / High School Diploma
  6. University degree certificate(s)/diploma(s)
  7. Transcript of records (an official statement listing courses/subjects you have completed at your university) including a description of the grading scale used.
  8. Documentation of English language proficiency
  9. Copy of your passport or picture ID including full name, date of birth and gender.

    Additional requirement for applicants from outside the EU/EEA/EFTA
  10. Documentation of sufficient funding to obtain a residence permit for studies. Required amount for 2022/2023 is NOK 126 357.
    Valid forms of documentation of funds:
    • Self-financing: Bank statement/transcript (dated after 1 October 2021) in your name detailing the required amount (NOK 126 357 or the equivalent in any currency)
    • Financing provided by sponsor: Guarantee letter and official bank statement/transcript (dated after 1 October 2021) showing possession of the required amount (NOK 126 357 or the equivalent in any currency)
    • A letter confirming that you are eligible for a scholarship/student loan from your home country.
  11. After admission:
    • You will need a confirmation receipt from UiB as documentation for your application for a residence permit for studies.
      • Transfer the required amount to Sammen's deposit account.
      • UiB will send you a confirmation receipt by email as soon as possible after your transfer.
      • Submit the receipt with your application for a residence permit for studies.
    • Only transfer money after you have received your Letter of Acceptance.

If you complete your bachelor's degree in the spring 2022 you must also upload

  • Your higher education completed to date.
  • A list of courses you are registered for and the expected date for completion.

Document requirements

  • We require all documents to be scanned from original documentation.
  • If the original language of your documents is not English or a Scandinavian language, officially certified copies of a translation to one of these languages must accompany certified copies of your documents in the original language.
  • The documents must be uploaded as PDF's of good quality.

Letter of Motivation

Your Letter of Motivation should not exceed 2 pages, and should explain:

  • your personal motivation for applying to the Master's Programme in Design, and what subject area you are applying to:
    Visual Communication or Furniture- and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture
  • what expectations you have for the Master's Programme in Design
  • how you work; what methods, materials etc you plan to use in your work
  • your thoughts and critical reflections concerning your design-related work to date
  • in what context you place your own design production

Project Description

Your Project Description should not exceed 2 pages, and should explain:

  • the topic and area that the design project aims to explore
  • your motivation for executing the project and the societal relevance of the project
  • the objectives and main questions of the project
  • how you intend to carry out and present the project


Your portfolio must follow your application to the programme, and must include documentation of relevant design production that demonstrates your academic qualifications for carrying out an independent MA project.

Your portfolio must consist of 6-10 works you find to be relevant for you application to the programme. Each work must be documented by 4-5 pictures each and a short text explaining the work.

Your portfolio may contain works in any media you choose, i.e. video, web page or app. Should you wish to present a video, web page or app as part of your portfolio, these must be presented as screenshots in your portfolio along with text and functioning link to the specific webpages where they can be seen.

Your portfolio must appear as one document with multiple pages.
Videos must not exceed 10 minutes in length.

Technical specifications for your portfolio:

  • File format: PDF
  • Physical format PDF: Landscape orientation A3 (420 x 297mm)
  • Maximum siza: 250 MB
  • Name your file as follows: last name_first name_portfolio.pdf

The application portal has a 20 MB limit per document.
If your portfolio exceeds this limit, you may send us your portfolio via WeTransfer or similar service.
Links for file sharing are sent to admission.kmd@uib.no.


The interviews will take place 14 - 18 March

All interviews will be conducted online.

An invitation to the interview will be sent to the applicants registered e-mail address.
You are required to respond to the invitation.

Application status

Your application status in Søknadsweb will be Under consideration until the application process has been finalized.

Applicants who have not yet documented their Bachelor's Degree at the time of acceptance will, if successful, receive a conditional offer of admission.

Applicants whose applications are rejected during the assessment will only be notified through Søknadsweb.

Application procedures

1 Dec - 1 Feb

Application period: You can change your application and upload new documents until the deadline 16 September.

1 -
11 Feb

Registration period: We check for complete applications and formal requirements.

14 -
18 Feb

Portfolio assessment: Complete applications will be assessed by the relevant jury.

21 -
25 Feb

Invitation to interview: Applicants with an approved application/portfolio will receive an invitation to the interview as part of the admission process to the programme.

14 -
18 March

Interview: Interviews are conducted in the course of one week. Approved applications including the jury’s recommendations will be presented to the Department Head.

23 March

Offer of admission: Applicants who are offered admission to the Master’s Programme in Fine Art will have the result published in Søknadsweb. You will also be notified by e-mail.

1 April

Deadline for responding: Applicants with an offer of admission or a place on the waiting list must accept the offer in Søknadsweb. No response will be registered as a negative response to the offer.

1 April

Rejections: Applicants whose application has been declined will only receive notification in Søknadsweb.

By 15 May

Student housing: Apply for student housing as soon as possible and before you apply for a residence permit.

By 15 May

Deposit money: All non-EU/EEA/EFTA applicants must deposit the required amount to Sammen’s Deposit Account for International Students in order to receive the required documentation for applying for a residence permit for studies.

By 1 June

Residence permit: Apply for a residence permit for studies.