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The CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies

The CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies (RSCS), which was officially opened in September 2014, focuses on translational cancer research and innovation, including international exchange and mobility as well as ethical-, legal- and societal aspects of cancer research and treatment. The research school courses are available for all interested students within the field of cancer research. The RSCS is directed by Associate Professor Elisabeth Wik, CCBIO.

Photocollage of photos from CCBIO Research School situations (teaching, lab, microscope, doctor..)
Ingvild Melien/Colourbox/Eli Vidhammer/CCBIO

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Main goals and activities

In accordance with its aims, the RSCS is now well established as a scientifically stimulating and inclusive meeting place for junior researchers within various areas of cancer research and related  ELSA fields with a common focus on translational studies of cancer biomarkers. PhD candidates and postdocs have an opportunity to meet each other and deliberate upon their research projects across the established research groups and disciplines. CCBIO has successfully integrated the RSCS into its strategic activities like the CCBIO Annual Symposium, CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposia and CCBIO Seminars. In conjunction with lectures and seminars, CCBIO makes sure to use the opportunity for both young and senior researchers to have targeted meetings with the invited speakers where potential points of common interest are mapped out. In combination with CCBIO’s strategy of inviting external speakers also for the other courses and its recruitment of an international network of adjunct positions, this ensures that the center’s younger researchers have access to renowned national and international researchers from outside CCBIO.

Courses currently running

All courses are open according to available capacity, albeit giving CCBIO´s PhD candidates first right of entry in case of capacity problems. The below list CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies denotes CCBIO’s courses approved by the UiB. The courses will run once a year or every second year, apart from CCBIO901 and CCBIO902 which run continuously.

  • CCBIO 901- CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium.  PhDs and PDs present their results four times a year. Postdocs are chairing the meeting and discussions after each presentation. Read about the first symposia.

  • CCBIO 902 CCBIO Seminar and Symposium Series. This course combines the monthly CCBIO Seminar series with the CCBIO Annual Symposium to make a 3 point 900-level course.
  • CCBIO 903 Cancer Research: Ethical, economical and societal aspects. The course focuses on ethical, economical and societal aspects of cancer and cancer research and aims to equip PhD candidates with tools for systematic reflection on their own and related research as well as methods for assessing the cost benefit of health measures and methods of treatment. The last course was held December 9-13 2019 (part 1) and January 6-8 2020 (part 2). It will next be available in spring 2021 and in spring 2023.  Read article: CCBIO focusses on Ethics and Prioritization in new PhD course
  • CCBIO 904 Biomarkers and Tumor Biology in Clinical Practice. The course leaders have experience from equivalent courses arranged by the Norwegian MDs association. CCBIO aims to extend the existing course with a focus also on bio-banking in practice. Read about last year's program here. The last course was held 25-27 May 2020, as a digital course. The next will be available in spring 2022.
  • CCBIO 905 Methods in Cancer Biomarker Research. This course has focus on the full panel of advanced and standard methods with relevance for cancer biomarkers. The intention is a methodological course that also includes components of ethics and economy. This is a strongly needed course with potential national interest. The last times this course was held were August 27-29, 2018, and 27-29 October, 2020, as a digital course. The next course will be available in spring 2022.
  • CCBIO 906 Cancer Genomics. This 3 credit course provides broad understanding of aspects of cancer genome biology and their investigation by next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Methods for analysing DNA variation and structure and RNA expression patterns are covered, as well as nuclear and chromatin structure. Also ethical, legal aspects, and hereditary predisposition are taught. This course started up in 2017, and was held the first time November 1-3 2017. The course was las theld 19-21 February 2020. The next time will be in spring 2022.
  • CCBIO 907 Cancer-Related Vascular Biology. Thorough understanding of general and cancer-related vascular biology is regarded important to understand processes like cancer growth, sustainability and progression, and is suggested to be a relevant target for therapy in various diseases. Through this new (2018) 2-week 6 ECTS course set up as part of the CCBIO/Harvard INTPART partnership between the Vascular Biology Program at Boston Children's Hospital and CCBIO, the students will meet researchers who have been in the frontline of vascular biology research for decades. Some of the topics covered: Basics of vascular biology; vascular biology related therapeutic approaches; biomarkers in vascular biology – from discovery to clinical application; lymphangiogenesis and vascular biology in non-cancerous diseases. The last course was held 21. September - 2. October 2020, as a digital course. The next course will be available in fall 2022.
  • CCBIO 908 Scientific Writing and Communication Seminar. The course aims to provide the students with theoretical knowledge about various elements of scientific writing, practical experience on text editing, and provide the students with tools to improve their scientific texts, and communicate orally research results in a good way. The course is intended to convey understanding of how to organize a scientific manuscript, how to improve on all parts of the text, including clear writing, and how to write an informative and convincing cover letter. The course will also present and discuss what is good research communication. The course first started up in 2017 and was repeated in 2019, as a two-day seminar in Scientific Writing in the CCBIO/Harvard INTPART collaboration. From 2020, it has been approved as a PhD course providing 2 ECTS. The last course was held through a digital platform 8-11 June 2020. The next date will be April 12-15 2021, this time also as a digital event.
  • BMED 904 Biomedical Research Course: Matrix BiologyBMED904 is a well-established course from the Bergen Biomedical Research School (BBRS) that has been included into CCBIO’s course portfolio. The course was arranged jointly with CCBIO’s RSCS for the first time in June 2015. BMED904 is a five day course, running every 2 years, that includes lectures from local researchers and a number of internationally well-known researchers within the field of matrix biology as well as practical laboratory training. The course focuses on basic molecular mechanisms pertaining to the biological role of the extracellular matrix. The next BMED904 will be available June 07-11, 2021, and then in spring 2023.