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PhD training at the highest level

The CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies was officially opened Thursday 11. September.

Mingling i vrimlearealet ved opninga av CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies
Jørgen Barth

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PhD training at the highest level

Among the speakers were congratulants from University level with Prorector Anne Lise Fimreite, Faculty level with Vice-Dean of Research, Robert Bjerknes, and Department level with Head of Department Nils Erik Gilhus.

-The faculty is aware of CCBIO’s high ambition, Robert Bjerknes said.  -The CCBIO Research School will strengthen the experimental and laboratory approach in the PhD education. This is PhD training at the highest level, he added.

- The Department of Clinical Medicine is proud to have CCBIO and the Research School in our institution, said Head of Department Nils Erik Gilhus. -CCBIO fulfils our goal of more and better research, more an better education, he continued.

Research School program

Head of the Research School, Anne Christine Johannessen, was proud to present the program of the Research School, where all Principal Investigators will contribute. Presentation of each part of the Research School program will be available here. The program have in fact already had a jump start, with the Junior Scientist Symposium.

Anne Christine Johannessen also applauded the job well done with all the paperwork necessary to start a research school program, well performed by the Administrative Coordinator, the Department of Clinical Medicine's Marianne Myhren.

The "mother" of Norwegian cancer researchers

Keynote speaker Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale was presented by CCBIO Director Lars Akslen as the ”mother” of many Norwegian cancer researchers, and an outstanding cancer researcher. She presented biomarker research with examples from own breast cancer project.

-You need to know the complexity to break it down to the simplicity, she stressed. She showed how breast cancer, as all cancers, is a disease of genes that causes pertubations in networks, and that the set of pertubations is unique for each tumor. From the complexity of the molecular profiles, she went on showing us the cancer genome challenge.

Scientific stimulating

We look forward to have the complete Research School program in action, and to fulfil our goal to make it a scientific stimulating and inclusive meeting place for junior researchers!