Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO

International network and affiliated investigators

In CCBIO, we have extensive and increasing external collaboration. Activities such as international contacts and projects have been well established by all PIs.

Illustration of a doctor and a network of people all over the global map.

International affiliated researchers

In addition to standard project collaboration, CCBIO has organized a panel of 12 international affiliated researchers in the form of adjunct positions at CCBIO, for project support, advisory roles, participation in activities organized by the CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies (basic courses, research seminars, annual symposium), and for mentoring inititatives (see short bios of each at the bottom of this page).

CCBIO’s rationale with this network is to establish an array of experienced advisors on scientific projects, collaboration, networks, and research strategy, as well as to perform joint research in the forefront and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Another important aim is to enable CCBIO’s Research School to have researchbased courses on the highest level and to enable co-supervision and exchange of research- and postdoctoral fellows.

Please find below short bios about all our affiliated investigators. 

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