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Therese Sørlie

Therese Sørlie got her PhD at the University of Oslo in 2000. She is currently currently head of the Department of Cancer Genetics, Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital and adjunct professor at the University of Oslo, Medical Faculty.

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Sørlie’s group investigates breast tumor initiation and progression with a particular focus on the cellular origins of breast tumors and further development into the intrinsic molecular breast tumor subtypes. The aim is to identify markers for low risk lesions in the breast that can mitigate overtreatment.

The collaboration with CCBIO and its Director Lars A. Akslen is rooted by a mutual interest in breast cancer and in particular in the importance of the tumor microenvironment for tumor progression. Tumor growth is influenced at all stages of development by the surrounding tissues, cells of the immune system, circulating particles and even the microbiome. Together they have started to investigate the role of immune cells in DCIS and their impact on risk for progression from DCIS to invasive breast cancer.