Department of Clinical Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Clinical Medicine 

The purpose and mission of the Department of Clinical Medicine is to conduct medical research and education at the highest international level. The department has focus on research that is based on clinical issues, and combines this with basic laboratory and registry-based research and research related to imaging analysis.

The Department of Clinical Medicine aims to increase the scope and quality of our research and education through extensive national and international collaboration and recruitment.

Studies at the Department of Clinical Medicine (K1)

K1 is involved in the professional training of doctors, master's degrees and bachelor degrees. Students meet K1 in lectures, clinics and group lessons. Our courses are in researcher education, clinical rotation, Master courses, Medicine courses, nutrition and some dentist or dental hygiene courses.

See list of our courses here. 


Fecal transplantation is good for abdominal symptoms for IBS patients

Placing stools from healthy people in the stomach improved both the symptoms and bacterial flora in the intestines of persons with a variety of irritable bowel syndrome.

next generation immunohistochemistry
Scenes from the symposium. Lecturer and audience.

"Google map" for tumors

The University of Bergen has just implemented the Hyperion Imaging System, next generation immunohistochemistry where researchers can explore tissue biology with 35 antibodies simultaneously. This instrument is the only of its kind in Northern Europe, and is open for booking for all researchers on...

Research groups

Research groups are the backbone of medical research. They do research better, more focused and enjoyable.

At the Department of Clinical Medicine we have the basis for much medical research, namely good patient materials.

Research teams collaborate independent of the boundaries of sections, department and institutions. You can find a selection of our research groups here.


Field areas

The departments consists of eleven sections. The subjects within these are: orthopedics, urology, plastic surgery, anesthesiology, pathology, radiology, neurology, neurosurgery, ear nose and throat, chirurgia minor, psychiatry, oftamologi (eye), dermatology (skin), gastroenterology, gastrointestinal surgery, nutrition and nephrology.

Long stretched activity

The department has its main activity in Bergen, but also has centers for education and research in Stavanger, Haugesund, Førde and Kristiansand.