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Department of Clinical Medicine bridges the gap between researchers and patients
Department of Clinical Medicine bridges the gap between researchers and patients. Anne Sidsel Herdlevær (UiB)

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Research groups are the backbone of medical research

At the Department of Clinical Medicine (Klinisk institutt 1) we have the basis for medical research, namely good patient materials. Collaboration in clinical medicine should be flexible and opportunistic. Research groups are formed by making contacts locally, nationally and internationally and actively seeking opportunities and collaboration. Solid clusters ensure research expertise and impact over time. The best research groups combine stability and flexibility.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

K1 is divided into nine sections. Research groups collaborate independent of the boundaries of sections, department and institutions. Well-defined research groups promote research, strengthen application impact possibilities and recruitment ability. Such groups also encourage all participants to become even more productive. Below, you can scroll through the different research groups at the Department of Clinical Medicine.



Leader: Associate Professor Birgitte Berentsen Jacobsen 

Website: link

Interventional Endoscopy (BRAGE)

Leader: Professor Roald Flesland Havre 

Website: link

Ultrasound in Gastroenterology (BRUSE)

Leader: Professor Odd Helge Gilja 

Website: link



Leader: Professor Hans Peter Marti 

Website: link


Research groups of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), dementia, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson's disease (PD) are part of our Neuro-SysMed center.

Other research groups are:

Biomarkers and Neuroimmunology

Leaders: Professor Christian Vedeler and Researcher Sonia Gavasso

Website: link

Epilepsy and Headache

Leader: Professor Marte-Helene Bjørk 

Website: link


Center for Nutrition is part of the Department of Clinical Medicine. Information about the research groups that are part of the center can be found here.


Ophthalmology research group

Leader: Professor Eyvind Rødahl 

Website: link

Translational eye research

Leader: Professor Cecilie Bredrup 

Website: link



Leader: Professor Mihaela-Roxana Cimpan 

Website: link

Biomaterials in surgery (Biomatlab)

Leader: Researcher Paul Johan Høl

Website: link

Orthopedic medical quality registries

Leader: Professor Ove Nord Furnes

Website: link

Sports traumatology and arthroscopy

Leader: Professor Eivind Inderhaug 

Website: link


Research performed in the frame of Center for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) is central for the Department’s scientific activities in the field of pathology. The center is led by professor Lars A. Akslen.

Other research groups are:

Immunology and Rheumatology (Sjogren's syndrome)

Leader: Professor Kathrine Skarstein 

Website: link

Molecular pathology of pancreatic diseases

Leader: Professor Anders Molven 

Website: link


Age-related medicine, cognitive impairment and dementia

Leader: Professor Arvid Rongve 

Website: link


Leader: Professor Erik Johnsen 

Website: link

Youth mind health

Leader: Professor Maj-Britt Rocio Posserud and Professor Gro Janne Henningsen Wergeland

Website: link


Cancer imaging

Leader: Professor Ingrid S. Haldorsen

Website: link

Musculoskeletal and paediatric imaging

Leaders: Professor Ansgar Espeland and Professor Stein Magnus Aukland

Website: link

Neurostimulation and brain imaging

Leader: Associate Professor Leif Oltedal

Website: link (norwegian)