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Epilepsy represents a major brain disorder and may be combined with a broad spectrum of underlying diseases. Prevalence is 0.7% of the population. The majority of patients become seizure free with optimal treatment. A large cohort of epilepsy patients are treated at Department of Neurology, Haukeland University Hospital. BERG co-operates with several groups at Department of Neurology, Department of Clinical Medicine and Department of Global Public Health and Primary Health Care.

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The group was part of the winning consortium for the Helse Vest Research Prize 2012, and the University of Bergen Research Prize 2013.
Harald Aurlien received the Helse Vest Innovation Prize 2010.
Holberg EEG received the Hordaland County Council Inventor 2012.

In cooperation with Oslo University Hospital, BERG organized the International conference 2nd Gender Issues in Epilepsy in Oslo 28-29. August 2014. Focus was among other on epilepsy and hormonal disorders, pregnancy and birth defects as a result of using epilepsy drugs. On the list of speakers were some of the most prominent researchers on the subject internationally. The conference was open to researchers, physicians and other interested and was very well attended. The scientific presentations have been published in a special issue of Seizure.

Marte Bjørk wun the  Uschi Tschabitscher Prize in the European Academy of Neurology Clinical Research Tournament 2016

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This is for you if you have epilepsy

Request to take part in a needs-based epilepsy follow-up with Haukeland University Hospital, Neurological outpatient clinic and inclusion in the EpiReg epilepsy register


Drug treatment of glioma-associated epilepsy and the use of psychiatric medication

Kristin Marie Knudsen-Baas presented this poster at the 8th Eilat international course: Pharmacological treatment of epilepsy

Group members:

Marte-Helene Bjørk marte.helene.bjork@helse-bergen.no  (leader)

Nils Erik Gilhus, Bernt Engelsen, Gyri Veiby, Marte H. Bjørk, Simone F. Reiter, Eivind Kolstad, Ingrid Borthen, Kim Danielsson, Harald Aurlien, Tom Eichele, Jan C. Brøgger, Emanuel Neto, Arne Gramstad, Kjersti N. Power, Anette Storstein, Kristin Knudsen-Baas, Jone F. Owe, Anne Kjersti Daltveit, Anna Wie Børsheim,Elisabeth Synnøve Nilsen Husebye, Irene Hana Flønes, Cecilie Fredvik Torkildsen, Jan Brøgger and Eivind Aanestad.


The group is funded by the University of Bergen, Helse Bergen, Helse Vest, national epilepsy organisations, Holberg EEG, Torbjørg Hauges Legacy and Norsk Epilepsiforbund