Bergen Epilepsy Research Group (BERG)

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Research Focus and Collaborations at BERG: 

BERG's research encompasses various neurological conditions, and the group serves as the primary partner in the Norwegian Headache Research Centre (NorHead), holding national responsibility for the center's registry research program. Acting as the clinical trial unit for headache studies in Western Norway, BERG oversees ongoing clinical research. Collaborations extend to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, universities, and hospitals in Oslo, Trondheim, Aarhus, Karolinska Institute, Institute for Knowledge Brokers in Helsinki, The University of Manchester, Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital, European disease-specific networks, and national networks focusing on epilepsy, headache, multiple sclerosis, and myasthenia gravis.


BERG: Advancing Neuroepidemiology for Better Health

BERG is a dynamic research group at the forefront of neuroepidemiology, utilizing a multifaceted approach that integrates clinical data from nationwide health registries, disease-specific patient cohorts, and biomarker studies. Initially concentrating on epilepsy, BERG has expanded its scope to encompass neuroepidemiological and registry-based investigations into critical issues surrounding headache disorders and myasthenia gravis. By harnessing cutting-edge epidemiological techniques and machine learning methodologies, BERG endeavors to elucidate the intricate interplay among neurological conditions, treatment modalities, and individual patient characteristics, with a specific focus on developing safe and effective therapeutic interventions for individuals of reproductive age.


Leadership and Core Members:

Professor Marte H. Bjørk spearheads BERG, leading a dedicated team comprising senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows, PhD candidates, medical students, research nurses, and core members.


Funding and Achievements:

Over the past five years, BERG has successfully obtained funding from esteemed sources such as the Nordic Research Council NordForsk, the Research Council of Norway, and substantial support from regional health authorities, university institutions, and pharmaceutical industry partners. The group's significant impact is demonstrated by its contributions to the development of international and national treatment guidelines for epilepsy, headache disorders, and myasthenia gravis.