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Mountain Medicine Research Group

Welcome to The Mountain Medicine Research Group

The Mountain Medicine Research Group is the result of a three-party collaboration between Haukeland University Hospital, The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation and The University of Bergen.

The term Mountain Medicine describes a dicipline of medicine concerning prevention and treatment of medical conditions that may arise in the high mountains. It is characterized by difficult conditions making even the simplest og medical examinations, interventions and treatment potentially very demanding.

Being skilled in Mountain Medicine may be useful for a variety of different medcal professions, but will be especially applicable for doctors working outside hospitals, either as GPs in rural areas, anaestesiologists, or doctors travelling with expeditions for example. 

Research themes in this context may include hypothermia, frostbite, altitude inhury, expeditional medicine, avalances, anaestesia and analgesia in primitive conditions, toxicology and traumatology.

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International Mountain Medicine research and innovation is confined to two organisations:

International Society for Mountain Medicine, ISMM

The medical commitee in the international mountain rescue commision, ICAR Medcom