Department of Clinical Medicine


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Christian A. Vedeler, Head of Department

Jorunn Skei, Head of Administration

Anne Berit Guttormsen, Head of Studies

Ketil Joachin Ødegaard, Head of Research

Odd Helge Gilja, Head of Innovation


The Management Team

The Management Team consists of Head of Department Christian A. Vedeler, Head of Administration Jorunn Skei and the section managers, who are:

Jutta Dierkes, Section for Nutrition

Odd Helge Gilja, Section for Gastro

Trude Gundersen, Section for Surgery, orthopedics and plastic surgery

Christian A. Vedeler, Section for Neurology

Kathrine Skarstein, Gades Laboratory for Pathology

Ole Bernt Fasmer, Section for Psychiatry

Ingfrid S. Haldorsen, Section for Radiology

Hans Flaatten, Section for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

Hans Jørgen Aarstad, Section for Neurosurgery and Ear-Nose-Throat

Jørgen Krohn, Section for Opthalmology and Dermatology

Hans-Peter Marti, Section for Nephrology and Urology

Lars A. Akslen, CCBIO: Center for Cancer Biomarkers (Center of Excellence)

The Department Council

The following members are elected per August 2021.
Term of office for group A and C: 01.08.2021–31.07.2025
Term of office for group B: 01.08.2021–31.07.2022

Group A:

Cecilie Bredrup, board member

Lars Helgeland, board member

Randi Julie Tangvik, board member

Jon-Kenneth Heltne, board member

Hanne Rosendahl-Riise, deputy board member

Christina Brudvik, deputy board member

Marte-Helene Bjørk, deputy board member

Group B:

Hilde Norborg, board member

Ole Vidhammer Bjørnstad, deputy board member

Rannveig Seim Brekke, deputy board member

Silje Alvestad, deputy board member

Group C:

Ingeborg Winge, board medlem

Unni Larsen, deputy board member

Siri Sagen Trosvik, deputy board member

Marius Dirdal, deputy board member

Group D:

Waiting for appointment, student in medicine

Waiting for appointment, student in nutrition


Christian A. Vedeler, chair

Jorunn Skei, secretary