Faculty of Medicine

Launches new application portal for external funding

Research advisors at the Faculty of Medicine have recently launched a new portal for researchers applying for external funding.

Forskningsrådgivere poserer foran kamera
From the left: Maija Slaidina, Michaël Marie, Margarethe Bittins, Andreas Westermoen, Ramune Midttveit, Susanna Pakkasmaa
Ingrid Hagerup

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The web portal acts as a common entry point for researchers at all departments seeking different types of external funding: «Application Support for External Funding»

"The new portal, or webpage, is a result to deliver simpler and streamlined processes for external funding applications", says leader of the faculty research advisor team, senior advisor Ramune Midttveit.

Better utilization of the competence of the different advisors

Midttveit believes that with the new routines, they will be better able to utilize the competence of the different advisors.

"Previously we were organized with individual advisors tied to specific departments, which made it more difficult to match the individual strengths to the needs", she explains.

"In this way, we ensure that researchers have easy access to advisers regardless of department".

Making it easier to transfer tasks

The previous system also created challenges with maintaining quality when staff left or went on various kinds of leave:

"With the new organization, all advisors are involved throughout the entire process across departments, which makes it easier to transfer tasks between us", the senior advisor explains.

"At the same time, we ensure that the individual adviser gets the best use of his expertise, regardless of the institute", Midtveit concludes. 

Read more at the portal  «Application Support for External Funding»