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Kari Klungsøyr received the award for publication of the year on the institute's day on 8 May 2024
Did you know that UiB coordinates a European initiative to target the cause of MS?
Honorary Doctor Alberto Ascherio led the research that demonstrated a connection between the Epstein-Barr virus and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Here he answers five key questions about this topic.
UiB is hosting the "Zero Transmission Symposium" this week where researchers working towards zero leprosy are gathered to to discuss recent developments and identify remaining knowledge gaps. Despite ongoing efforts, more than 200,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with the disease annually.
During 2017-2019, systematic differences in high efficacy MS-treatment strategies were preferred in Oslo (cladribine) and Bergen (rituximab). Comparisons of long-term (median 4.5 years) effects from these different treatments showed a 2.7 higher risk for new MRI disease activity after four years in the cladribine group (n=132) compared to rituximab group (n=168).
Professor Eva Gerdts explained the need for more research on women’s health during the opening of the DRIV Center for research on Women’s health. It is important to have a modern vision on women’s health and move out of bikini medicine
Tore Ivar Malmei Aarsland will defend his PhD degree at the University of Bergen on 21 May 2024 with the thesis "Tryptophan and kynurenine pathway metabolites in neuropsychiatric disorders".
A fantastic and inspirational workshop of high scientific quality with participants from all over Norway and invited international experts from Spain, Italy and Iceland
A new study from the University of Bergen and the University of Exeter shows that pregnant women who quit smoking may prevent an abnormal mismatch between the weight of the placenta and the growth of the fetus.
On 26 April, Robert Neil Whittaker defends his doctoral thesis in which he has examined the monitoring of hospital patients who were admitted with covid-19 in Norwegian hospitals between February 2020 and May 2022.
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bergen, together with Helse Bergen and Trond Mohn Research Foundation (TMF), announces a Research program in Women’s Health.
On 15/04/2024 Prativa Basnet defends her PhD dissertation titled “Twin Pregnancies: Long-term Maternal Mortality, Birthweight in Subsequent Pregnancy and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Next Generation” at the University of Bergen.
2023 was another exciting and fruitful year for the Pandemic Centre. Now you can read the annual report with a summary of our activities throughout last year.
UiB-research sheds light on how CVD is associated with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy – but not for everyone.
PhD fellow Arleen Aune defended her PhD thesis ‘Cardiac organ damage in systemic hypertension: Impact of gender, etiology and comorbidities’ 15.03.24
The new Honorary Doctor at the Faculty of Medicine, Alberto Ascherio, was head of the breakthrough showing that there is a connection between MS and the Epstein-Barr virus. In collaboration with researchers from UiB, he hopes that the next step will be to develop a vaccine against the disease.