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The Centre of International Health (CIH) is part of a global action to improve the practice of continuous learning, collaboration, and change in the education sector.
Scientific employees and nutrition PhD-candidates from Centre for nutrition organized a professional and social gathering at U-heimen.
Boys who have considerable weight gain between childhood and puberty, double the risk of having asthma both as an adult and for his future offspring.
Members of the Tissue Engineering group participated in the 5th TERMIS World Conference 2018 held in Kyoto, Japan.
Susanna Myrnerts Höök is a Paediatric Specialist from the Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. The last 4 years she has been involved in research projects focusing on neonatal resuscitation in Kampala, Uganda, a low-resource setting. The work led her to start a PhD September 2016.
Some reflections and suggestions based on experiences gleaned from work in rural Pakistan.
As a part of the CCBIO-Harvard INTPART collaboration, CCBIO PhD student Silje Kjølle and Medical Student Research Programme students Martha Rolland Jacobsen and Amalie Svanøe were given the opportunity to conduct summer internships at the Vascular Biology Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. They have now returned from Boston, and has provided us with a great report... Read more
Steady progress on multiple fronts!
New prototype launched at Ultradian consortium meeting
Members from Centre for Nutrition participated in the panel of experts at the lecture "Tåler det ikke!" at Litteraturhuset on August 8th.
The fall semester at the Department of Biomedicine presents many exciting national and international lecturers.
The post-synaptic protein Arc has been termed a master regulator of memory. In line with its homology to certain viral proteins, it has also been shown recently to form virus-like capsids. We have elucidated for the first time the 3D structure of full-length monomeric Arc.
The consequences of the discontinuation of the Quota programme in 2015 is under evaluation.
The eRegistry research project in Palestine is led by Frederik Frøen, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), in collaboration with the Palestinian National Institute of Public Health, World Health Organization and the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
An increasing number of children under 15 years old have started to smoke during the last 40 years in Europe.
Thursday August 23rd at 14:00 Raymond Koopmans will visit Kalfarveien 31
Members from Centre for Nutrition participated at the FASEB conference in Canada.