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Researchers from University of Bergen have investigated the relation between 40-year-old women’s pregnancy history and later risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases.
New research from the University of Bergen shows that rapid testing of patients in the emergency department can provide better and more targeted treatment of community-acquired pneumonia. Worldwide, this is one of the most common causes of hospitalization and death.
Associate Professor Kari Jegerstedt gave a humorous and inspiring lecture on sex and gender and understanding of different categories and dimensions
Research leader, Cecilie Gjerde makes new bone material grow using the patient's own stem cells.
The pandemic center will lead a newly established working group on migration and pandemics on behalf of the European public health organization EUPHA.
Congratulations to Peter on becoming a PhD holder!
Yeneabeba Tilahun Sima defends her PhD on February 22nd, 2024, at the University of Bergen with the thesis: "Caesarean Delivery and Women’s Health: Population-Based Studies: Trends, Offspring Birthweight, Fecundability and Maternal Cardiovascular Disease Mortality".
New research indicates that muscle strength may play a more significant role in adult men's sexual lives than previously known. The researchers behind the study aim to break the taboos concering sexual dysfunction among men.
Peter Daniel Szigetvari will defend his PhD degree at the University of Bergen on 14 February 2024 with the thesis "Monoamine synthesis in neurometabolic disorders affecting catecholaminergic functioning".
The participants of the Research School in Clinical Medicine received awards for the best posters and oral presentations.
During February 2024 we offer a mini-series of three webinars dealing with hydrogen and ammonia. Join us to get valuable updates on different aspects of the current developments in hydrogen technology, economy and legislation!
Through access to unique data and interdisciplinary collaboration, a newly established research centre at UiB aims to understand why people are affected by different cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of the central nervous system. The centre has been established with support from the Trond Mohn Foundation.
This seminar was not recorded but a similar presentation by chief economist Eirik Wærness along with much more information, can be found at the Energy Perspectives webpage at Equinor.com, see the right hand column for links.
About 6 out of 10 pregnant women use one or more prescription medications during pregnancy.
The Pandemic Center continues with our breakfast meetings through the spring term. Join us and hear about cutting-edge research across disciplines regarding pandemics.
During the coronavirus pandemic, Norwegian health authorities used the term "dugnad" to encourage collective infection control measures. New research indicates that the use of such culturally specific terms can be problematic for immigrant groups.
The Female Heart workshop takes place at Solstrand Hotel & Bad outside Bergen on May 7th and 8th 2024. The workshop is hosted by the Center for Research on Cardiac Disease in Women at UiB and focuses on sex differences in cardiovascular risk and disease.