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The Addis Ababa University (AAU) and our research group Global Health Priorities at UoB are collaborating on training the teachers of medical students in medical ethics. Just after 25 teachers at AAU had completed a three year program of training in ethical theory, methods and handling of clinical ethical dilemmas, the Minister of health in Ethiopia, dr. Kesete asked professor Norheim and... Read more
Is there an relationship between CSF biomarkers and mild cognitive impairment in early untreated Parkinsons Disease?
Ole Martin Steihaug and collaborators recently published an article in The jounal of Nutrition, Health and Aging adressing the methodological challenges regarding measurements of muscle mass in older individuals.
CCBIO PI Lars A. Akslen and Postdoc Anna Blois (shared 1st author) are collaborators in a recently published study which shows that small peptides attack ovarian cancer on 2 fronts.
Each month a paper is selected by one of the Editors of the five Nutrition Society Publications, and this month the paper selected is by PhD Candidate Seifu Hagos.
The evaluation team finds that the GLOBVAC programme has made significant achievements in a number of areas and fills an important gap in the Norwegian funding landscape.