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Meg Veruki and Espen Hartveit from the Department of Biomedicine at UiB have been selected as "Visionaries of the Quarter" by the European Vision Institute for the summer of 2021.
Professor Karl Johan Tronstad at the University of Bergen has supervised a study which found biochemical changes in the blood of ME patients. The results support the hypothesis that the disease involves impaired cellular energy metabolism.
Prof. Meg Veruki of the Retinal Microcircuits research group has been selected to the "Top List" of Excellent Women in European Vision Research and Ophthalmology 2021
Fundamentally new discoveries in biology or medicine are rare. The mentioned article is an example of such a discovery. The findings of this study will probably soon be found in standard textbooks in biochemistry and physiology.
In collaboration with LawTransform (Center on Law and Social Transformation), the Pandemic Center organizes a discussion on "Migrant Health in the pandemic".
Would you like to learn more about previous pandemics and current issues about the covid 19 pandemic from international researchers? This fall, OsloMet is arranging a digital webinar series open for everyone.
Through the international vaccine project "Inno4Vac", the University of Bergen will contribute to research and innovation to enable faster development and production of new vaccines.