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Post.doc. Trygve Ottersen has published an article as part of a special symposium in Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics on the global treath of antibiotic resistance.
Health care professionals' refusals to provide certain medical goods and services that they consider morally objectionable is a well-known and often hotly debated phenomenon. In this review paper for Philosophy Compass, post doc and group member Gry Wester provides an introduction and overview of some of the key issues.
CCBIO’s Professor Helga Salvesen has been co-author of a study recently published in the renowned journal JAMA Oncology. The results of the study may indicate that cigarette smoke helps to activate an entire universal "cancer program" which are also present in cancer that are not usually associated with smoking, including breast and gynecological cancers.
Post.doc. and research group member Trygve Ottersen is contributing alongside prominant politicians and leaders like Margaret Chan, Bill Clinton and Jonas Gahr Støre in this new book from Oxford university Press.
Should the 2006 recommended WHO Child Growth Standards be the global reference?
A timely diagnosis of TB can save lives – not only for the person with TB, but also by limiting further spreading of the disease.
A special gene variant may be part of the explanation for increased fat storage in half of the population. This finding may give patients new and better targeted treatments in the future.
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Researchers have found five new genetic regions that make people more susceptible to malignant melanomas. CCBIO’s Lars Akslen is one of the Norwegian researchers who have been contributing to this international study.
The Marie Curie ITN Network CAFFEIN, caffein.ku.dk, arranges its first international conference in Bergen October 22nd-23rd 2015.