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International Conference, “The tumor stroma- friend or foe?”

The Marie Curie ITN Network CAFFEIN, caffein.ku.dk, arranges its first international conference in Bergen October 22nd-23rd 2015.

picture of cancer cell
Cancer cell.

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The conference is titled “The tumor stroma- friend or foe?” and all are welcome to attend.

Note deadline for abstract and registration: 7th of September.

The speaker list includes:

  • Keynote speaker Raghu Kalluri, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston “ The tumor stroma-friend or foe?”
  • Erik Sahai, London Research Institute, UK “The role of CAFs in therapy failure”
  • Arne Östman, Karolinska Institute and CCBIO, Stockholm and Bergen “Probing clinical tumor microenvironment for discovery of biomarkers and drug targets”

Among the other international and national speakers you can find James Harper, Emanuel Rognoni, Cedric Gaggioli, Jennifer Morton, Lars Akslen, Helga Salvesen, Emmet McCormack, Daniela Costea, Rolf Reed and Bjørn Tore Gjertsen. 

Updated program will be posted at this web page.

Registration at: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=939562

CCBIO look forward to seeing you there!