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α11β1 integrin-mediated MMP-13-dependent collagen lattice contraction by fibroblasts: evidence for integrin-coordinated collagen proteolysis.
Frode is the leader of the Proteomics Unit at the University of Bergen (PROBE) and will talk about the "Application of Proteomics in Clinical Medicine and Research".
Professor Oddmund Søvik turns eighty years on November 21, 2013. He is an excellent pediatric diabetologist and scientist, and has been an important member of our research group for more than 15 years.
Date: 25.03.2014 – 26.03.2014
Post doc Ingvild Aukrust and researcher Lise Bjørkhaug Gundersen presented new findings in January 2013. They have led a study that have discovered a previously unknown protein; SUMO protein (Small Ubiquitin -like Modifier), that may affect the regulation of insulin.
The World Diabetes Day is approved and recognized by the UN as an international day of commemoration of diabetes. Through The World Diabetes Day, diabetes gets the attention it deserves as one of the greatest epidemics of our time.
Does birth weight lead to an increased risk of childhood cancer? A recent article published in Pediatrics looks closer on the connection between fetal growth and childhood cancer.
Most of us having a sabbatical tend to go westward or stay in Europe; here is a travel-note from one that took the opposite way, to the Far East, or more specific Hong Kong.
I samarbeid med våre partnere i San Francisco og Uppsala har ROAS-forskere vært med å kartlegge et nytt autoantigen i lungene, kalt BPIFB1.
The taller you are, the greater is your risk of developing cancer – and this applies to both men and women, suggests a new study just published in the journal Cancer Causes & Control.
On October 17, Yenan Bryceson received Anders Jahres Prize for young researchers for his outstanding research on natural killercells and congenital blood disorders. The prize was awarded by the University of Oslo.
The next network lunch will be start at 11.30 in the conference room (BBB). Three unique and interesting presentations will be held.
Six PhD students from Bergen attended the first annual meeting for the National PhD School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NPSPS).The outcomes were new knowledge, new friends, valuable feedback and two prizes.
The Research Council of Norway will fund 16 new research infrastructures. One of them is the Norwegian NMR Platform, which has been awarded 51.4 MNOK for new NMR equipment.
UiB’s Centre for International Health celebrates a quarter century of pioneering development-related research.
The Centre for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (CISMAC) opened on 15 October.