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Researchers from all three clinical departments (Clinical Medicine, Medicine and Surgical sciences) and The Gade institute are hereby invited to present their work to fellow researchers and the general audience. If you have presented a poster or had an oral presentation at a scientific meeting or a conference in 2012, or will be having one later in 2012, you are welcome to submit your work. It is... Read more
Characterization of mechanical properties of natural and synthetic biomaterials
In a qualitative study 263 car mechanics were interviewed to examine decisions of absence versus attendance when feeling ill.
In a new publication based on master theses, the predictive validity of ÖMPQ was compared with the clinicians prognostic assessment of pain and functional outcome after 8 weeks of manual therapy treatment.
Familial aggregation of risk factors does not seem to explain increased ESRD risk after pre-eclampsia. These findings support the hypothesis that pre-eclampsia per se may lead to kidney damage.
In Africa neurological disorders are a common cause of disability and death. The textbook “Neurology in Africa” is specifically written for Sub-Saharan Africa by Dr. William Howlett, physician and neurologist in Tanzania.