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Researchers at the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Centre for MS Research have contributed to an international multicentre study recently published in Multiple Sclerosis Journal.
MIC is happy to announce the 11th course in confocal microscopy 14th -17th of April 2015. Registration is now open and we encourage you to register as soon as possible as it tends to fill up quickly, deadline 20th of March. Max. 18 participants.
Professor Arne Östman from Karolinska Institutet is recruited in a 20% position as Adjunct Professor in Molecular Biology at CCBIO.
At a meeting of the Norwegian National Organization of Stroke Survivors in Western-Norway on 11th February 2015 Iris Brunner gave a talk about the VIRTUES study and technically assisted rehabilitation
Wilhelmsen and Kvåle published a case series on patients with long lasting dizziness. Treatment targeting the musculoskeletal system improved selv-reported symptoms and perception of disability
A new publication from the Me-Can (Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer) project, which is a pooled study of seven European cohorts, shows that high levels of a metabolic risk score is related to an overall increased cancer risk. The highest risk increases were seen for renal cell and liver cancer in men, and for endometrial and pancreatic cancer in women. Professor Tone Bjørge is co-author of the paper.
Ida Wiig Sørensen defended 12.02.15 her PhD thesis «Molecular Characterisation of Integrin a 11 Function» at the University of Bergen.
61 of the targeted 120 patients have been recruited now
Medication that inhibit AXL effect is developed as pills and now in clinical trials.
Filosofisk Poliklinikk - "The Philosophical Polyclinic" - a Norwegian think-tank for medical philosophy - featured CCBIO Director Lars Akslen in their public meeting in Bergen on the 4th February. The meeting was one of a series of four on challenges of health prioritization.
Two ground-breaking articles in medical biotechnology from KGJ Centre for Medical Research and National Competence Centre for MS have recently been published in the well acknowledged journals Nature Biotechnology and Proteomics.
From "Bergensavisen" (BA) 30.01.15: Forskning fra Forskerskolen på Haukeland: Renholdsarbeidere utsatt for astma og kols
In a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you are invited to take part in a competition to create a smartphone app mockup for girls’ education. The app must be suitable for use both in Norway and in developing countries.