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Pills against cancer

Medication that inhibit AXL effect is developed as pills and now in clinical trials.

James Lorens og forskergruppen
Sissel Dyrstad

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Research results from CCBIO

BerGenBio recently started a trial with a cancer drug that has been developed on the basis of research results from CCBIO, more specifically the knowledge that cancer cells with much AXL proteins behave more aggressively and become resistant to treatment. This discovery was first made by James Lorens, a professor at the University of Bergen and CCBIO. The developed drugs inhibit AXL action.

Unique trial

- This trial is unique in many ways, says Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Senior Consultant and researcher/Professor at UiB/CCBIO. As far as I know, this is the first time in Norway that we administer pills against cancer to patients, developed by a Norwegian company. He continues: - It is also quite remarkable that we are doing a socalled Phase 1-trial on cancer in Norway at all. There are actually not more of those annually than countable on one hand.

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