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New professor II at CCBIO: Arne Östman

Professor Arne Östman from Karolinska Institutet is recruited in a 20% position as Adjunct Professor in Molecular Biology at CCBIO.

Portrait of Professor Arne Östman, combined with illustration of a dna string.
Professor Arne Östman is Professor in Molecular Biology.
Anne Sidsel Herdlevær/colourbox

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CCBIO is honored by Östman's interest in this position. This will clearly strengthen the activities within CCBIO, related to both research and education.

Cutting-edge research teams

CCBIOs aim with the adjunct positions, as described in the proposal and contract, is to attach itself to leading researchers and cutting-edge research teams from renowned universities. This is done by employing international leading scientists in adjunct positions and to utilize their skills and networks to forward the research goals of CCBIO.

Unique expertise

Arne Östman is currently a top ranking internationally well renowned scientist within the field of Molecular Oncology. He has his main position as a professor at Karolinska Institutet which is ranked among the best medical research institutions in the world. He has documented a unique expertise in the biology of the tumor microenvironment with special focus on tumor associated fibroblasts and their importance for cancer progression. He has published more than 120 scientific papers in renowned international journals, such as Nature, Nature Cell Biol, PNAS, J Biol Chem, Cancer Research, and Oncogene.  Further, Östman has written many reviews and book chapters. He has successfully supervised a significant number of Doctoral  and Postdoctoral Fellows.

In terms of leadership on a high level, Östman is the coordinator of STARGET – a centre-of-excellence network on tumor stroma based at the Karolinska Institute. The centre is funded for 10 years by the Swedish Research Council. He is  vice-coordinator of STRATCAN – a government funded initiative for the development of excellent cancer research at KI (2010-), and deputy head of the department from 2010.

We welcome Arne to the CCBIO family and look forward to a fruitful collaboration!