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Høsten 2022 tilbys følgende tema på HIM201 og HIM250

Islamic Law in the Indian Ocean from 1800 to the present: One Law - Different Contexts.

The Indian Ocean region is home to the largest Muslim populations in the world. From Cape Town to Canton, Mogadishu to Maguindanao, Zanzibar to Malabar, Makassar to Mombasa and Surat to Sulu, Islamic communities have developed since the rise of Islam until the present day. They have been constantly exchanging ideas, texts and practices through networks of scholars, institutions, documents, traders and preachers. How did Islamic law emerge and develop in the Indian Ocean?  Was it merely reproduced from the Middle East, or has it been produced in that world through constant and critical engagements?

This course will examine Islamic law in the Indian Ocean world.  First and foremost, the course will outline the historical development of Islamic legal practices and ideas, as understood and applied into one local and regional framework. The course will also examine the stratified interactions, hierarchies and exchanges of Islamic ideas within the Indian Ocean region in order to understand the histories of law and legal pluralities. We will then with turn to historical case studies to explore how Indian Ocean Muslims reformulated, produced and transmitted Islamic family law in their own individual ways. Finally the course will examine how the Indian Ocean Mulsims defined, used, adapted and formulated law in the specific local, regional and transregional contexts in which they lived with a specific reference to Kenya and Tanzania. Did the interactions between Arabs, Asians and Africans provide shared Islamic legal traditions across the Indian Ocean world? Or did the various littorals rely on their own unique legal discourses?

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