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Marie Wahren-Herlenius Group

The majority of autoimmune diseases are more common in women than in men, but the molecular basis for this sex-bias remains poorly understood. In our projects we focus on the autoimmune exocrinopathy Sjögren's syndrome which has among the highest observed female-to-male ratios, to dissect the genetic and hormonal contribution to sex-dependent immune regulation at single cell resolution and how these differences may lead to autoimmune disease.


Marie Wahren-Herlenius did part of her PhD training and a postdoctoral period at the Broegelmann Research Laboratory during the 90s, and has continued collaboration with the environment ever since. She was appointed professor II in a bistilling, University of Bergen in 2020. She is also a professor at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Projects in the group

Autoimmune diseases affect around 5% of the population, entailing high morbidity and increased mortality rates. There is a critical need for better diagnostic tools, preventive measures and specific therapies for this family of disorders, but we still lack understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms that lead to these diseases. Women are at much higher risk of developing autoimmune disease, with the most extreme numbers in systemic disorders such as SLE and Sjögren’s syndrome for which more than nine out of ten patients are women (see figure 1). There is a clear genetic contribution to these diseases and genome-wide studies have identified polymorphisms clustered in the TLR/interferon, lymphocyte signaling and antigen presentation pathways as associated with Sjögren’s syndrome. Interestingly, many of the associated genetic variants lead to differential gene regulation, so called expression quantitative loci (eQTL) effects. However, the influence of sex, or why these immune-pathways and related genes would become dysregulated specifically in women is not clear.

Notably, there is no difference in the frequency of these polymorphisms between women and men in the general population. In our projects, we build on the observation that genetic polymorphisms associated with Sjögren's syndrome that we identify thus dramatically increase the likelihood for the disease to develop in women carrying these genetic traits compared to men. Consequently, the context “female sex” may lead to a different functional impact of the genetic polymorphisms associated with systemic autoimmunity than the context “male sex”. This novel idea bridges the sex-bias in Sjögren’s syndrome with the specificity of genetic associations. Our projects aim to identify such sex-influenced eQTLs, and dissect the genetic and hormonal contribution to sex-dependent immune regulation at single cell resolution and how these differences may lead to autoimmune disease. Novel technology now allows transcriptional analysis at the single cell level rather than bulk samples of tissues, for detecting fundamental sex differences in the immune system and to identify the molecular drivers underlying them (see figure 2). We use unique human cohorts of patients with Sjögren's syndrome, and the project is funded by the European organization FOREUM and the Norweigan Research Council.

More information about our research can be found here https://ki.se/en/meds/research-group-marie-wahren-herlenius

Sex ratio and methods
Marie Wahren-Herlenius

Selected publications

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