Undervisningsprofesjonalitet og pedagogikk

Early career teacher attrition in Europe, Australia, The UK & USA: A comparative study

TPE-member connected to the project: Professor Kari Smith, University of Bergen.


Summary of Project

Early career exit from teaching has reached epidemic proportions on three continents: North America, Europe and Australia – 40-50% over the first five years. We investigate early career teacher attrition simultaneously in nine countries using the following key issues: What causes teachers to leave? Are the reasons similar across contexts and national borders? What might be done to prevent the loss? Expected outcomes are identification of cross-cultural, underlying causes, which if addressed could provide significant GDP savings to counties through reduced turnover costs, and professional sustainability of the teaching force.

See PDF on the right side of this page for more information. Professor Kari Smith (head of TPP/ UPP) is involved in this project.