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Agnes Callard: Valuing and Emotion

Høstens andre instituttseminar er ved Agnes Callard fra University of Chicago. Åpent for alle interesserte!


"What is it to value something? One might think that valuing is a form of believing—for instance, believing that the object of value is good or worthy. Alternatively, one might identify valuing with desiring—for instance, desiring to protect, promote, or engage with the object of value. A third possibility is that valuing is an emotional condition—a disposition to experience a range of emotions based on how things are with the object of value. According to the recently popular hybrid theory of valuing (Kolodny 2003, Scheffler 2010, Wallace 2013, Callard 2018), (i) valuing cannot be reduced to believing, or to desiring, or to feeling, but (ii) it can be reduced to believing, desiring and feeling, taken together. I argue that hybrid theorists are correct with respect to the first point but incorrect with respect to the second. 

In this talk, I raise three problems for the hybrid theory, and use them to articulate some desiderata for a theory of valuing."