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Horizon 2020

ERC - European Research Council

Starting, Consolidator, Advanced and Synergy Grant, Proof of Concept grant

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European Research Council
European Research Council


The European Research Council (ERC) funds frontier research. Research projects should be novel and ground breaking with a significant element of risk, conducted by excellent Principal Investigators (PIs) and their teams.

Please check the grant information sites below to find out more.


  • Starting-Grants (2-7 years after PhD)
  • Consolidator Grants (7-12 years after PhD)
  • Advanced-Grants (PIs with long experience)
  • Synergy Grants (a team of 2-4 PIs)


The Research Council of Norway offers stipends for PIs who reached round 2, but did not succeed, to improve their applications. A new ERC proposal must be sent within the next two relevant ERC deadlines following the RCN grant. Read more on RCNs webpages.


  • Proof of Concept (PoC) grant: This is a stipend to explore if parts of an ongoing ERC project can lead to technical and/or social innovation. The focus is on exploitation potential and the necessary steps to exploitation - not a continuation of a scientific project. The stipends are up to 150.000 € for projects that will last 12-18 months. There are three deadlines per year. PoCs are now paid as lump sums, contact your adviser to receive help on what this means in practical terms.


Please contact Anja Hegen for any further questions about ERC.