Vestlandets forskerskole for pedagogikk- og utdanningsforskning (WNGER II)

Inclusion and diversity. Fundamental questions to be asked at Ph.D.-level (the course will be digital with Zoom)

Course instructors: Professor Frédérique Brossard Børhaug, VID & Professor Solveig M. Reindal, NLA



Main learning objectives:

The main course goal is to introduce Ph.D. students to some fundamental questions within the inclusion and diversity debate in contemporary research and develop their understanding of some main controversies in education.

More specifically, the Ph.D. students will develop their understanding of different approaches to the phenomenon of disability and how the diversity debate relates to the special case of disability regarding inclusion. Likewise, the Ph.D. students will develop their comprehension of how the intercultural issue pertain to inclusive education and shed light on the concept of inclusion compared to the contribution from special education.

The students also will reflect on the intercultural paradigm, its content and outlines in times of climate change. In addition, the course aims to develop the Ph.D. students’ abilities and knowledge for posing fundamental questions in the field of inclusion and diversity and examine issues at stake in this research field from the perspectives of intercultural and special education.