Det juridiske fakultet

PHDJUR903 Rettsvitenskap og empiri - Empirical perspectives in legal science

Course information autumn 2022


Meeting 1: Monday 28 November, 12.15-14.00, meeting room 546

Meeting 2: Wednesday 30 November, 12.15-14.00, meeting room 546

Meeting 3: Monday 5 December 16.15-18.00, zoom

Meeting 4: Thursday 8 December, 16.15-18.00, zoom


The short text (1-2 A4 pages) for meeting 4 should be submitted by 2 December to karoline.aksnes@uib.no. In this text, you should outline/reflect on a research problem in your thesis, what data you need to address this problem,  which methods to be used, and possible methodological challenges. More specific instructions and guidance will be provided on the first and second meeting, and the writing of this text will not require much work. The intention is most of all that this text provides a basis for further discussions on meeting 4.