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Research project

Act on Offshore Monitoring, ACTOM

Professor Sigrid Eskeland Schütz er deltager i det tverrfaglige prosjektet ACTOM. Prosjektet er støttet av Horizon 2020.

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ACTOM is an interdisciplinary project working on the advancemet of offshore monitoring.


The research proposed in ACTOM will work for the advancement of offshore monitoring to ensure alignment of CO2 storage projects with national and international regulations and societal concerns. An interdisciplinary consortium will apply methods to critically assess secure storage as this technology becomes implemented internationally as a key greenhouse gas emissions reductions strategy.

Professor Schütz is involved in two parts of the project:

BASELINEMonitoring the marine environment.
With: Abdirahman Omar, NORCE and Sigrid E. Schütz, UiB-Law.

Will survey the regulatory requirements and opportunities and technical limitations laying the foundation for the marine monitoring program. This activity will underpin the other WPs, providing the necessary information on what level of assurance is expected from a monitoring program, alongside the present capabilities of marine measurements and monitoring.

RESPONSIBILITYResponsible CCUS monitoring process.
With: Dorothy Dankel, UiB-BIO and Sigrid E. Schütz, UiB-Law.

Will study how the monitoring program can be used to communicate risks and benefits of subsea storage, and as a tool for public engagement through the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) framework.

Read all about the project on their official web page.