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Open Lecture @ BSRS 2017

Climate Change: What do we know?

Changes in the global climate are the norm rather than the exception.

The earth


Helge Drange
Professor at the Geophsical Institute, University of Bergen

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The observed changes over the past 100 years are, nevertheless, unprecedented in the history of the modern man and our ancestors, extending back more than three million years in time.

In this presentation, a series of key climate observations will be presented. Possible reasons for the changes will be discussed.

Scenarios for future greenhouse gas emissions will furthermore be used to indicate the type of global and regional climates we may experience throughout the 21st century. Actions needed to meet the internationally agreed 2-degree (and 1.5-degree) target will be presented, together with a brief discussion of recent changes in the state of renewable energy.

Helge Drange is a professor at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen, and researcher at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. Drange’s research is primarily focussed on Earth System Modelling, development of ocean general circulation models, analysis of inter-annual to decadal variability in the Atlantic-Arctic sector, and sea level variability and change.

He has been co-leader of the nationally coordinated climate research projects NorClim (2007-2010) and EarthClim (2011-2014) and the CLIVAR Working Group for Ocean Model Development (2009-2014). He has also been board member of the Official Norwegian Report the Norwegian climate adaptation committee (2009-2010), the Governmental appointed Klima21 (Climate21) committee in 2010, and the Hav21 (Ocean21) committee in 2011-12.

The lecture is part of the Bergen Summer Research School and is open to the public.