HBSC Data Management Centre


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The international datafile is restricted for the use of HBSC member country teams for a period of three years from its completion, thereafter it will be open access. 

You may browse and download the collection of nationally representative data for 11, 13 and 15 year old students for the following rounds of the HBSC study:

  • 2001/02
  • 2005/06
  • 2009/10
  • 2013/14

To see a complete table of which countries participated in the survey rounds, click here.
It is important that you make yourself familiar with the License Agreement, and please read the privacy notice below before registering.

Link to the HBSC Data Portal

Privacy Notice

In order to download or analyze open access HBSC-data, you need to register as a user of the HBSC Data Portal. This privacy notice explains how HBSC collects, uses and shares your personal data, and your rights in relation to your personal data.

The HBSC Data Portal is provided by NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data, a data processor, who acts in accordance with instructions from the HBSC Data Management Centre.

What is collected during registration?

The following information is collected: Name – email – affiliation – country – activity – discipline.

The personal data is stored in a safe environment in accordance with GDPR requirements at NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data, Bergen, Norway. Backup systems are provided by the University of Bergen, Norway.

Why is the information collected, how is it used by HBSC?

HBSC asks for this information for two purposes:

  • Monitor and analyze the use of the HBSC datasets by user groups defined by, affiliation, activity, academic discipline and country. No individual will be identifiable in the user statistics.
  • Inform the registered users about updates, corrections or new data.

Data sharing

The registration data will not be shared with any third party.


Your contact details will be deleted when you delete your account.