Sars internasjonale senter for marin molekylærbiologi


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Burkhardt group

Guests in Burkhardt Group


Guest Students 

  • Yasmin Meeda - Master student (September - November 2020)
    Plymouth University, UK
  • Leonid Digel - Master student (January - June 2020)
    University of La Rochelle, France
  • Bartłomiej Górski - Master student (June-September 2019)
    University of Gdańsk, Poland
  • Coralie Frimat - Master student (May-August 2019)
    Sorbonne University, France 
  • Daniela Sturm - Bachelor student (May–September 2018)
    Plymouth University, UK

Guest Researchers

  • Eric Maurer - PhD student (September - December 2020)
    Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Benjamin Naumann (August 2019)
    University of Jena, Germany
  • Michelle Leger (October-December 2018)
    Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Barcelona
  • Tarja Hoffmeyer
    Marine Biological Association and University of Exeter, UK