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Study of halophilic archaeal strains from Avan salt deposits in Armenia

Ani Azaryan, a master student from Yerevan State University, worked for three months on her master thesis on study of halophilic archaeal strains from Avan salt deposit in Armenia.

Ani Azaryan
Ani Azaryan
Ani Azaryan


Ani Azaryan, focussed on the sequence analysis of draft genome, optimization of culture conditions for cell growth and total carotenoid production of the halophilic archaeon Haloarcula sp. salt stone - 1 strain isolated from Avan subterranean salt deposits in Armenia. The gene coding for 16S rRNA has been an important molecular chronometer for identification and classification of prokaryotes. Some species of Haloarcula harbour several divergent 16S rRNA genes in their genomes. Ani worked on the Haluarcula sp salt stone-1 strain which produces biopolymers, biosurfactants, exopolysaccharides, compatible solutes, enzymes and bioactive compounds (carotenoids, anti-tumor and antimicrobial substances, etc.), and forms the valuable products for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and feed industries. Ani completed her studies within the framework of a Eurasia-funded project on collaboration between Armenia and Norway in higher education and research in microbiology.