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Education award to Janne Grønli

Professor Janne Grønli received “studiekvalitetsprisen” for the subject “Circadian rhythms, sleep and behavior” at "Undervisningsdagen" 2019.

Janne grønli mottar studiekvalitetsprisen ved psykologisk fakultet 2019
Henriette Maria Hop Wendelbo


On the 5th of April the Faculty of Psychology arranged “undervisningsdagen”, where the focus is how to improve the quality in education. This year group leader in Bergen Stress and Sleep Group, Professor Janne Grønli, received “studiekvalitetsprisen” for best quality in education for the subject PSYK115 “Circadian rhythms, sleep and behavior”. The subject was first offered in 2017 and has in only a few years become a popular subject for students across several different faculties.